Van Persie out for a minimum of three weeks

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Robin van Persie will be missing for at least three weeks with the knee problem he picked up in the Carling Cup Final.

The Dutchman got the injury while scoring Arsenal’s equaliser late in the first half. He soldiered on until the 68th minute before being substituted.
And a bad week gets much, much worse. But I guess it frees up another spot for potential 2-gamers (pending today's Everton/Reading result).


  1. I think this year has taught us one very important lesson: it's VERY risky to hold zero's. Even with double digit discounts (RVP, VDV, Bale) it ends up hurting us too often in the long run. It seems like most of the successful managers VERY rarely carry a zero. Take a second and scroll through previous line ups of managers who are in the top 50-- heavy squad rotation based on match ups is the most common similarity.
    Of course, all that being said I'll probably end up getting tempted by a big discount in another few weeks.

  2. I agree, for the most part. But RVP was bought 11 under market and producing 25pts/week. That's why it was a no-brainer to hold him last week. Kudos to Y!AM who sold, but he was bailed out by circumstance. IMHO.

  3. G-man4:49 PM

    Sold RVP at 9 last week (for Suarez). One of the few calls I got right this year.