Barn Door Watch: A Quick Look Ahead

I'm going to try to bring back the BD watch in a modified format.  Here is what I'll be thinking about as soon as line-ups lock in for the current match-week:

  • RSC is healthy? - how do he and Rovers look?  They're @AST next which isn't great but it isn't horrible either.
  • Carling Cup Final Impact - TOT/ARS and CHE/BRM have both been postponed for the next match week due to the ARS/BRM Carling Cup Final.  They have not yet been re-scheduled.  This makes TOT, ARS, and BRM idle for the purposes of fantasy next match week.  It makes Chelsea one-gamers. 
  • ManYoo Two Matches - Granted the second one is @CHE but with the first one being @WIG it seems like you'll want to shift resources from BRM/ARS/TOT to MAN.  Rooney, Berbs, Nani, and maybe Smalling if the Rio and Evans injuries persist.
  • Citeh Second - If you're not convinced by United's two matches then Citeh (home against Fulham) are probably the next best bet from match-up standpoint. Tevez, Silva, and maybe one of the defenders are the highlights.
  • Luiz Watch - Assuming he's going to be a great addition for the balance of the season, does he do enough on Saturday to force you to BD him for the next match week or can you wait until after the ManYoo match? 
  • Liverpool Third - Liverpool travel to WHU which represents the third best match-up advantage of the next match week for my money.  Meireles Suarez, Kelly and Reina are worth looking at.
There will surely be more BD candidates as the matches unfold but hopefully this will help you organize your thoughts before the chaos starts up.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Very useful, cheers Neal.

    Just FYI....

    Something interesting has been pointed out to me (via the comments section of my blog) regarding Manchester United's "double" in Week 28 (@Wigan, @Chelsea), and it is this: If Chelsea beat Everton in their FA Cup replay next Saturday then their 5th round tie against Reading would take place on March 1 or 2, meaning Chelsea v Man United would be postponed, which would leave United with a single week. It may not change your approach, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

  2. Chris O.3:22 PM

    Don't forget that if Chelsea win their FA Cup game with Everton, Chelsea become 0 gamers and Man U become 1 gamers for next week.

  3. Anonymous6:55 PM

    love this blog <3

  4. Anonymous10:19 PM

    I'll be watching Michael Bradley on the BD too


  5. jambulani11:01 PM

    fab4/jara or bentley/sagna or walcott/jara

  6. Fab4/Jara for sure but I'd pick Shawcross over Jara, but thats me.

    Good luck

  7. Anonymous1:48 AM


    I'm sorry about shouting, but this post is just AWESOME!