Quick follow-up on medium-sized club finances

Player sales help save Everton from £22m loss | Football | The Guardian

About 15 seconds after I hit "publish" on the previous post that ended with me asking about what people knew about medium-sized club finances - I saw this (hat tip @epltalk) link that at least started answering the question for a couple mid-table English clubs.  They primarily focus on Everton's finances and how much their health in the last fiscal year hinged on the sale of Lescott to Citeh for what was really an obscene profit.  You have to admit that this isn't exactly something that Everton can count on every year (although the likely sale of Rodwell in the not too distant future is likely to produce a similar boon).  The other disturbing not is that these numbers came in a year when they finished a "disappointing" 8th.  With Everton firmly rooted farther down the table this season and no high-profit sale thus far, you wonder how the numbers will look next year.  Not pretty, huh?

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