Fantastic Financial Analysis on Chelsea and Financial Fair Play

The Swiss Ramble: Chelsea's Financial Fair Play Challenge

I'm sure Jeremy is rolling his eyes somewhere (or he will as soon as he clicks through and sees what I'm linking to).  First, I feel obligated to let you know this is a really long post.  That said, it is exceptionally well written and lays out not only specific information related to Chelsea's finances and their potential standing vs. UEFA's upcoming Financial Fair Play rules but also gives the reader a really solid understanding of those FFP rules.  He doesn't go into other clubs that might be impacted but you can start to imagine for yourselves.  Also, there is some information related to the cost side of the business that readers were mentioning in the Deloitte Money Table posts last week.  I'm sure this one won't be for everyone but for those who are interested in this part of the game, it is a must read.  Did I mention that it is really well written?

Cheers - Neal


  1. FlyingHamster12:31 AM

    Very interesting. But instead of Chelsea, who are only in danger in the general sense, I would very much see the same investigation into Manchester City. City is certainly Champions League material now, but can they actually enter it with its red cash flows?

    It's great to have an owner who would give you free loans at will, isn't it? But football at the end of the day is still a human enterprise. No matter how much money you put in it, it's the people in it that matters. IN that manner, Mr. Alex is worth more than any Torres any day.

  2. As a professional accountant, my life is now complete seeing Torres and IFRS mentioned in the same article.

  3. @Brad - glad we could bring that link to you then :-)

  4. Anonymous3:23 AM

    nice link there, thanks..