Do you believe in Meireles?


For those of you not steeped in American sports, the inspiration for the nickname, "Do you believe in Meireles" comes from Al Michaels famous call at the end of the 1980 USA/USSR hockey game.

Thanks to BFJW for the name.


  1. Kellz6:27 PM

    Add to that the amazing defensive display by the returning Cara and the midfield dominance by Lucas, yes that guy, it was a brilliant team win.

    Kuyt is a CF, was before he came to Liverpool. He was brilliant in his hard work to get to the ball, hold up play, create space, and make flicks for on running teammates.

    Begs the question, Torres who?

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    As a longtime L'Pool fan, nothing is better than watching King Kenny take a side reputed to be lacking in skill and over the hill and turn them into the confident, moving & passing team that thrashed Chel$ki. Did I say thrashed? Yep...the scoreline should have been 2-0 with Maxi's star-shot. Liverpool looked more dangerous throughout the match, and while I didn't like the defensive set of the last 10-15 minutes (dang Suarez 0 on my books), they never looked vulnerable at the back. Kenny's showing whatever he's lost in the last 10 years Hodgson--or Ancelotti for that matter--are still picking up.

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Finally Liverpool is back on track. Glad to see them working as a team, not a dependent-on-star-players team like they have been playing for few months. Watched the matched last night (it was midnight here), I don't like Kuyt for doing nothing (though he was damn hardworking, you'll see him sweating after 3 minutes playing the game), but I have to admit he did well as a decoy, running all over the places and chelsea defenders think he's the MAN, but actually Meireles was the one that dangerous. haha.

    Finally, my Liverpool back on track, too bad Suarez didn't play. And I have to admit, I LOVE Torres expression when Chelsea conceded, Meireles should have kissed the badge. Seriously.

    Ah, a big credit to Dalglish of turning the team around as well.


  4. I've been wearing my Meireles jersey all day. What a player. It's so exciting to see Liverpool playing to their potential again. Hopefully Kenny can keep us on the up and we can challenge for 4th (wishful thinking, but it's still a possibility).


  5. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Still a works in progress but great job to clinch the win with the same players that Roy had.

    Think a 3 CB system will help extend Carra's career for another 2 - 3 years cos he can play the sweeper/covering defender role and avoid direct confrontation with faster/stronger strikers in the league.

    Steve Clarke probably deserves as much credit as Dalglish.

  6. Jammes7:44 AM

    King Kenny is breathing life into the team by actually playing to our strengths. The new formation is a perfect example. Carra is aging and Skrtel and Agger and Kry are not quite good enough. Johnson is a defensive liability and Kelly is surprisingly good and we have no natural wingers and untested/injured strikers. So instead of just plowing through with a 4-4-2 in which one CB is consistently coming up short, Johnson is getting caught out and a bunch of central players fake it as wingers we have a system where defensive numbers at the back mask individual shortcomings and Johnson and Kelly become wing backs with fewer defensive responsibilities. Gerrard and Miereles both get to stay central as they prefer without the latter having to pretend to be a DM. I'm not sure what Kenny will do when Carroll and Suarez are both match fit but for the team we have now this is a logical system so I can only assume that when those players and maybe J Cole are ready he'll play to our strengths with a different formation.

  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Shoud I BD him?

  8. No, grab a 2-gamer instead.

  9. richard_pitts_20003:58 PM

    I've had him for his entire scoring run. I believe!! My midfield at present is VdV-Nani-Mer-Adam all at heavy discount. Not sure I should change that between now and then end of the season.