Barn Door Preview

Since people seemed to enjoy the debut version of this column, here is a second go at what I'll be looking at going into the weekend.

The big item is that EVE and BRM are two-gamers next matchweek. Both are reasonably attractive with one home and one away match against mediocre-at-best opposition. I'd favor Birmingham slightly due to their momentum but not a huge advantage in that direction. I'm particularly looking at Bentley, Foster, Howard, Zigic, Bily, Coleman, and the BRM D as serious options on the BD. I'd say I was looking at Cahill too but he appears to be out this week so no BDing necessary.

Elsewhere, Chelsea has a favorable match-up against Adam-less BPL. Definitely time to add Luiz if you haven't already. Hard to say who to watch in the Chelsea attack really - none of them have looked great.

The other strong match-up is Citeh hosting Wigan. We'll have to see how they sort out their line-up but it seems likely that you'll want to have a quick BD trigger in case Tevez, Dzeko, Silva, or Yaya have a big weekend this weekend.


  1. Cheers guys

    Just FYI:

  2. Thanks, Y!AM (and @FFScout).

    Let's hope that SOMEONE wins that EVE/Reading tie.

  3. having foster at 5.85 comes back around again for me. last time i did roger johnson and foster and was very happy with the points over 2 games.
    leighton baines is a great risk taking move for someone willing to do it. he is just a huge player and could get you some real points.

  4. @greginho, especially for those of us with Vidic this week it should be a relatively easy move to Baines.

  5. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Yay to the Barn Door Preview! #Dreamcometrue


  6. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Just last decision to make, please help!




    I actually like the second combo better, but I have O'Hara on a discount so I can't go back after I change it, and I would like to read some advice before I do anything. Mind you, I'll drop O'Hara @5.9mil after the deadline anyway, as Wolves'next fixture is Spurs, so he won't play.



  7. big game today. i will not set about and jinx arsenal, by making any predictions. i can't wait to see the game, though. birmingham will be, by far, the best team arsenal will have faced in the competition.

  8. this is all on you arsene. you play a already knocked up cesc, in a winnable home game against stoke. walcott was just injured, but fabregas re-injured, so that is on wenger. in the final, cesc was not able to lead the team on to the field as captain and arsenal sure needed him. he would have calmed them down. arsenal are second in the league, who knows what will happen before the end of the season, but wenger knew that the next game was the final, why did he play cesc. i think wenger is pig headed sometimes and costs his team sometimes.

    the way arsenal lose is always so tragic. they seem to never be beaten by the best team, but by the luckiest. it doesn't matter who is in goal, they will always muck up the big game. remember the final of the champions league with barcelona. lehmann got an early red card, and arsenal had to play with 10 men the whole game. they were not outplayed by barca, just under manned. lehmann was definitely a world class keeper too.

  9. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Dude, dry your eyes!

  10. Anonymous8:57 AM

    A quick question: should I BD Chelsea's T9?

  11. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I have a question: I BDed a seven players for next week, but by accident I forgot to "save changes". My roster costs 107 units, and I got full squad, but i cant sdave changes. Will I earn my points? Please help me!

  12. Anonymous3:53 PM

    For last week, check "my points" label.

    For next week, because you are over the 100 units, so you can't save changes. Replace one or two players with cheaper ones then you should be fine.

  13. amazingly anonymous i didn't cry at all. so your statement is pointless.

  14. Danyel8:58 PM

    i missed barn door!!! love it!!

  15. Anonymous8:59 PM

    yah me too ;)