Injuries and Suspensions

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Here are my fantasy-related thoughts on the injury news which can be found in more detail on the other side of the link above.

  • Smalling In - With Rio and Evans out, Smalling will deputize at CB.  #ChinkInArmor
  • de Jong Doubtful - There may be more goals than you think in this match with Rio and de Jong both potentially out. #WeakenedSpines
  • Saha Out - He made it easy on managers who were contemplating keeping him for the one match week by injuring himself significantly. #Fragile
  • Luiz Starts - Unless he's a disaster, you have to think this will be CHE's preferred defensive group ACole - JT - Luiz - Ivanovic. #NoRotationPlease
  • Bale/VDV/Modric Out - Crouch is doubtful as well plus long term injuries to King, Woody, and Kaboul.  Not good times.  #IsThisSpursOrArsenal?
  • Kelly Passed Fit - For those holding Kelly, it looks like he'll at least get LIV's one match this week. #Recovered
  • RSC Healthy - We'll see how long it lasts but file this away as one to pay attention to over the weekend. #BDWatch
  • Martins Included - With Martins included in the squad, there is still uncertainty about how much he'll play in the first match against Stoke. #TwoMonthLayoff
  • ARS Injuries - RvP is healthy (shocking so quickly after bowing out of Holland squad), Djourou back, Diaby/Sicky out.  #AllGoodNews
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  1. i wonder what affect Hodgson will have on certain West Brom players

  2. jambulani11:02 PM

    fab4/jara or bentley/sagna or walcott/jara