Driving the Bandwagon: Jordan Henderson

Just remember that the Jordan Henderson bandwagon started here, at the beginning of the season.  In fact, based on his performances at the tail-end of LAST season I was picking him for my fantasy team in week one.

Fantasy Premier League Blog: The One Where Jeremy Picks a Team
Jeremy Spitzberg: there he is...
Jeremy Spitzberg: jordan henderson, 6.19
Jeremy Spitzberg: one please
And I talked him up in the comments of our Sunderland Season Preview.
I have a soccer crush on Jordan Henderson, and he's in my week 1 team. He should play wide left or center mid and will be a creative player taking kicks.
While he's been disappointing for fantasy - okay returns, but not value for money - I'm happy to see him get England honors today.


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    So you don't think he's a good buy for the weekend? I'm considering buying him, because after upgrading Carson to Jussi I'm left with under 8mil and there isn't much value there. He's home to Everton and Sunderland seem to be improving...
    I might go instead of the outside bet of Vaughan (B'pool). Any thoughts?


  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Told-you-so moment, Jeremy? :P


  3. Anonymous2:51 AM

    I had him for Week 1, and that didn't turn out very good :-)

  4. The post is a great one!