Malouda out of Liverpool Match

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'Malouda has a twist on his ankle, not a big problem but he is not able to play against Liverpool, the week after yes, and we hope Frank can play.'
Leaving Brunt as my only midfielder set to play this weekend. Argh! I'm assuming this makes Kalou a hot fantasy property.


  1. richard_pitts_20008:03 AM

    If it's any consolation I dropped Adam at discount due to the risk of him not starting and he rewarded me by starting and scoring. Is Walcott likely to start at the weekend? Before he was injured he was a stud?

  2. I dropped Adam before Blackpool's game against Liverpool and have regretted it ever since.

    See also Barton, Joey.

    The one player I haven't dropped yet is Malouda, though I have tried to do it every week for one reason or another. Does he finally get the chop?