Injuries and Suspensions

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The biggest news going seems to be the never ending list of injuries accumulating at Spurs.  Is there something in the water in North London? Do Spurs think the way to copy Arsenal's success is to emulate their yearly injury crises? Whatever the reason, it certainly isn't going to help Spurs end their 4 match winless streak in the Prem.  That and more below:

  • Lamps/Essien/Alex - Seems to ensure that Zhirkov will continue to be value in midfield while being listed as a defender and that Bosingwa will start with Ivanovic moving infield to partner Terry while Alex is out.
  • Lots and lots of people from Villa/ManYoo - With both teams missing a lot of key players, it's hard to know what to expect from this match.  Nani appears to have made it through the derby so he's probably the best bet for points albeit an expensive one.
  • Barton/RTay - RTay's injury on top of Barton's suspension makes it seem all the more likely that Guthrie will play (at home) and get kicks - solid value play
  • Spurs (all of them it seems) - specifically THud, Pavlyuchenko, and Bentley are doubtful while the usual suspects plus Keane and Lennon are definitely out.  Despite 'arry's discussion of VDV's fitness, he does not appear on the injury report so he should play.
  • Fellaini - suspended which is a shame for Everton because he seems the type of player that would make life difficult for ARS.
  • DBent - Still out with a hamstring but it looks like he may return for next weekend so it wouldn't be a horrible idea to ditch Gyan if you don't think he'll a) be the first away goal-scorer at Stamford Bridge or b) continue to be as productive once DBent is back.
  • RvP/Verm/Diaby/Koscielny/Ramsey - The list continues to dwindle with Koscielny suspended and the rest having been out for quite some time.
  • Elmander - Out with a virus so the scourge of my fantasy day last weekend Klasnic is likely to start again but not guaranteed.
  • Kyrgiakos/JCole/GJohnson/Aurelio/Meireles - Returning from injury/illness but not definitely going straight back into the team - sort of makes picking LIV players difficult outside of Reina/Carra/Gerrard/Kuyt/Torres.
  • Gibbs - returns to the squad but not necessarily the starting line-up - he hasn't been healthy long enough to know if Wenger is ready to give him a legit shot at Clichy's starting spot.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    i have less to do than the others who read this blog, making me a very special person and more special than the other less than special people.

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Help please..... Spitting my hair over

    Tevez+Nani or Arsh+Torres??

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  4. For me, it's Tevez+Nani.

  5. Anonymous3:29 PM

    tevez and nani - you have two very active players and tevez is at home versus arsh and torres both playing road games.

  6. Partly Sunny3:04 AM

    Hart&Berba or Jaaskelainen&Tevez
    City have been good defensively at home, but Berba is in por form and never been good on the road.
    City could stuff Birm to shut up the critics, but Bolton are @ at Wolves and you say never bet on or against bolton :)
    Or is it on or against Birmingham now?

  7. hahaha..nice post. The spurs should know that Arsenal's days are numbered and so is their's