Midweek Review - Day One

Day One in the books, and I'm as happy as Sylvie in the photo above. 46 points from Begovic, Van Der Vaart and Gyan. Day Two looks to me much more interesting, with the Manchester derby very much at the forefront - including the Nani's possible early return from injury.

But first a brief look back at yesterday.

Stoke City v. Birmingham City
  • Stoke bossed the first half
  • Pennant is the master of the high, looping cross
  • All of said crosses were aimed at Huth, save for the ones that went to Jones
  • Beausajour was worse than anonymous
  • Fahey has the same moustache he grew when he just hit puberty
  • Stoke has ZERO possession of the ball in the second half and paid for it
  • I'm selling Begovic before Liverpool come calling even though LIV have scored the fewest road goals in the league to date (3).  That may change tomorrow, but if not it likely will at the weekend.

Tottenham Hotspur v. Sunderland Athletic
  • BFDB gets a run out and vultures kicks from both Bale and VDV. That wasn't a surprise at all, but 17pts was a very healthy fantasy return for him. Might be worth a look going forward, depending on Spurs' schedule and Lennon's health. Even if you don't want to pick up Bentley, Bale owners may want to know if he's going to play.
  • Hutton disappointed a lot of fantasy managers who picked him up after his goal at the weekend. He bombed forward in the first half to no great effect, but in the second Wellbeck made him defend and kept him honest.
  • Cattermole's challenge was rash - he shouldn't have left his feet and lunged - but his foot took the ball and bounced off it into Modric. I think a yellow card was the fair result there.
  • As for Bentley's "dive" - no it wasn't a dive, but it wasn't a PK either. No call would have been the right call there.
  • But for all Spurs' moaning about the ref, VDV controlled the ball with his arm so by rights, the goal shouldn't have stood.
  • That being said it was a sweet goal, but it's inexcusable that both Bramble and Turner stepped back to defend the goal line when the ball came to Crouch. Instead of shooting, he laid it back across - as he'd done half a dozen already - for VDV to finish.


  1. Kellz7:06 PM

    Jeremy+Neal: Curious, will we see another installment of "Beat the Blogger's leage" update. We Haven't had one for awhile ;D

  2. We will, and I apologize for the lack of updates. It's a bit of a manual process and I just haven't had the time or inclination to do it recently.

    But I'm trying to work out a system, or at least a limited version of the post because I do like it and think it's fun.


  3. CC'sLAEx2:02 AM

    More important than that silliness: can we get more photos of Sylvie on a more frequent basis? Or Cheryl Cole? Or Abby Clancy? Or...

  4. richard_pitts_20002:58 AM

    I am as happy as Mrs Van Der Vart rights now. My line-up:

    Hart, Zhirkov, Djorou, Kelly, VdV, Barton, Brunt, Adam, Drogs, Chamakh, Torres

    137 points!! Oh, and I support the Scottish team Hibs and they beat Rangers 3-0 at Ibrox last night. It doesn't happen very often.

  5. Well I guess its only me who is lost...Everybody has their schedule lined up....

  6. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Shakanorbs: Dismal week....Been playing for over 6 years now, and this is the first year I have been completed frustrated by the clarification of injuries. Is the player going to play or not? Lost so much by dropping VDV. Over here on the west side of the pond we are also at a disadvantage (unless you want to get up stupid early)to read the final and last minute injury or weather (last year) news. Typically have to make my selection 10 hours prior to kick off.