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Holding Drogba, but enticed by the match-up that Tevez has as well as his cheaper price tag. So a quick look at the tables.

BRM and SUN are about the same on the road, though BRM just a bit more likely to concede and score.
  • SUN 5 for/10 against
  • BRM 8 for/12 against

But CHE is absolutely clinical at home, while MAC's cautious approach isn't just away from Eastlands.
  • CHE are 17 for/0 against at home
  • MAC only 7 for/5 against at home

So on that, I think it's worth it to keep Drogba and look for enabling players elsewhere - especially at goalkeeper.


  1. Drogs for another week???

    He's been really killing me.. all that money just sitting there while it could be giving me a more stable midfield...

    Will have to sleep on it! Again!

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  3. tanya i have had only one week were drogba outperformed my upgrades, since i dropped him 7 weeks ago. there is no reason to keep him. his discount is gone. if he happens to go off, it is no big deal, because if you use your extra money wisely, you will have it covered.
    i think people should be loading up on 5 midfielders in the $10-15 range, if you have none at discounts. rather than have one forward at $21+. the midfielders are the ones that get more of the fantasy points and the forwards are more goal and assist oriented. i have 2 midfielders with the discount price between $5-6 and rest are all above $10.

  4. Anonymous11:53 PM

    very good point JEREMY.
    Those 2 are my Nº1 doubts...
    Daniel M.

  5. Wonderful post. I love Drogba though he sometimes fails his fans.