Things I'm NOT Thankful For

We can start the list with Arsenal's last 120 minutes of football - choking away a 2-0 lead to Spurs and the listless 2-0 loss to Braga in the Champions League that takes them from "could have guaranteed qualification" two CL matches ago to "could miss out" in a pretty short span.  Oh, and why is it that Wenger continues to roll out a clearly not fully healthy Cesc?  He's playing poorly.  Let him rest and get healthy. 


  1. Actually... I'm very thankful for that. I hate Arsenal and hope they lose every game they play!

  2. I dont really understand idea called "put cesc in every starting lineup no matter if he's healthy or not". But i dont have to.
    Lose to spurs was something unacceptable. Arsenal's player could get only weak notes for second half performance.
    But if you watched Braga - Arsenal match, it was nothing like look on the scoresheet. Arsenal had possession, played better, play hard but fairly (look at cards they collected), what cannot be said on their opposition. Everytime Braga's player had contact, he dived and.. there was usually foul and card?
    For example Vela was tripped in penalty area in coming soon to one-on-one situation. So only yellow for vela..
    Then Eboue was injured after harsh tacle (no card). Arsenal down to 10 men. Few second later 1-0..
    Refereeing was similar to this in well remembered Barcelona-Chelsea match.

  3. John Swash5:40 PM

    I really can't believe you Arsenal fans! Arsenal is a dirty team.... always has been... and the cards they get are indicative of that. Stop complaining about referees being unfair! If it happens once, it could be that the referee was unfair. Twice, less likely so... but, if it continues to happen again and again, the referees are being fair and it's evident what a dirty team Arsenal really is. From the days of Patrick Vieira to now.. nothing has really changed

  4. Are you sure you know what you're saying?

    Referees can be as bias as you anti-arsenal people. Just because it happens more than once does not mean they are fair.

  5. John Swash6:57 PM

    I'm not anti-Arsenal... I'm a neutral EPL fan with no team loyalties. I just think it's funny that Arsenal fans think their team should be winning it all. I think you'll need to admit that Arsenal is a mediocre team that has overachieved in the recent past. They deserve to be somewhere between 4-8 in the EPL.

  6. how about that non-call with Vela in the box. refs were all over us all game. brutal. still not an excuse for losing but come on gunners!

  7. Okay..John swash. i believe u are a spurs fan..stop the rant.

    Anyway.. arsenal is stand higher than spurs in the Premier League.

    And i belive if arsenal is somewhere between the 4-8 place. Spurs is not far away from west ham united.

    From the a bolton loyal supporter

  8. Wales will rise again8:41 AM

    Well reasoned, Elmo, considering how Spurs embarrassed Arsenal on their home pitch four days your logic, the Gunners are somewhere around QPR and Cardiff City.

    Arsenal easily has the least classy manager in the EPL...I have never seen a manager who is less gracious in defeat than this buffoon. It's always the refs this, the refs that, "if you look at the stats, it is a bit incredible that we lost this game," etc. He would rather permanently give up eating camembert cheese before admitting that an opponent played well and/or deserved to win.

    It will be a joy to see Arsenal, North London's second best team, playing in the Europa League...both this season when they tumble out of the CL and next season when the fail to finish top 4. THAT is what I'll be thankful for.

  9. Anonymous8:43 AM

    How's that Bale thing working out for you, Neal?

  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I gotta say there are some real douchebag posters in this comment room. The guy provides a nice forum to read news and analysis of players and teams and the vultures here lurk just waiting for Arsenal to lose to take shots at him. It's ridiculous. If Neal's "anti-Bale", "anti-Tottenham" perspective bothers you, then leave. Simple as that. At the end of hte day we're all fans of whatever team and we have no bearing on results. So stop getting so personal with everything.


  11. Gunners for Life!!!
    Up Neal, ride on bro!