Two game weeks have always been a bit of a double-edged sword for us here at the blog.  On one hand, they add some much needed complexity to the usual task of blogging about a single week's worth of match-ups.  On the other hand, they make that column really difficult to write because you have to account for injuries, rotations, and multiple match-ups for each team and player that you're considering.  In anticipation of our first two-match week of the season, I sent an email to "The Powers That Be" at Yahoo to confirm that it would indeed be a two-game week and much to my surprise, the answer was "no" - they are doing away with two-match weeks (at least the scheduled ones) for this season.  Since our email exchange, they have posted the official announcement on the game's main page.  This means three things to be aware of:

1) We'll only be commenting on the weekend matches in TWA and I&S

2) We'll try to turn around a second post on Sunday evening or Monday morning to get you ready for the midweek matches - hopefully, injury reports and updates will be readily available in time for us to incorporate them.

3) I assume that the transfer cut off for mid-week matches will be late Monday/early Tuesday depending on where you live.

Should be an interesting week as we see a new wrinkle in our (mostly) beloved fantasy game.

Cheers - Neal


  1. wow, that makes my life easier. You know me, can't hit em, can't lay off em.

  2. This means I will lose two days of work to Fantasy... Friday & Tuesday, brilliant.

  3. Shame, I enjoyed the double game weeks, they were a real challenge. We'll be posting match previews for the mid-week games over on on Monday, including top picks and predicted line-ups.

  4. Kellz3:07 PM

    This just makes it that much more difficult. Just think of these senarios:

    1.) The mid week clash is set for only 4-6 teams or at worst 1 team, and that match is Wolves v West Ham. Would you really want to pick 11 players from those 2 sides simply for the one mid week match? Personally I would not.

    2.) The mid week match is much tougher matchup, lets say Chelsea v Utd where its too tough to really call who the big scorers will be.

    All this means is that it will be more difficult to make the decision to go all out for the mid week clashes, or pick and choose to preserve discounts.

    I am not getting down on this decision, I think it will add some interesting strategy.