Tevez furious with Mancini's negative tactics

Carlos Tevez furious with Roberto Mancini's negative tactics at City | Football | The Guardian
Carlos Tevez's volatile relationship with Roberto Mancini has descended into open hostility after a furious row between the Manchester City manager and captain at half-time of Sunday's 2-1 defeat of Newcastle United.

The argument began when Mancini overheard Tevez making a derogatory comment in Spanish and challenged him about it. The argument quick escalated while other team-mates watched in silence as the two men lost their temper. Tevez blamed Mancini for a poor first-half performance, complaining about his tactics and saying the Italian was getting it wrong by being too negative. Tevez has been playing as the lone attacker in a side featuring three holding midfielders and, despite scoring five times, the striker is believed to be increasingly frustrated about the lack of chances coming his way.

Mancini, who has shown an increasingly tough edge this season, saw it as his authority being undermined and responded aggressively, reminding Tevez that he was under orders to follow team instructions and should not be questioning his manager in such a way.

A bit of pause for those looking to draft Tevez on his own, or as a cheaper alternative to Drogba. Tevez has played, and played well, under Mancini. But is he immune from rotation? Is he going to be available against Blackpool after having been gone on international duty? Argentina play later this week in Japan, and then Tevez is seemingly headed home.
Mancini agreed to Tevez's request to take an extra day off after the international break so that he can visit his daughter who is currently in South America.
This probably tempest in a teapot stuff, but hey... it's the international break and we're looking for anything to keep our interest.


  1. tevez has been in a piss poor mood since the world cup, when argentina lost to a better team, germany. he even went so far as to say, he didn't know if he could get any motivation this year. he then later said he was seriously thinking about international retirement. whatever funk he was in, hasn't affected his form, too much. maybe he is just having a bad year. didn't anyone scout the coach. the coaches scout the players but the players must not scout the coach. his italian days, his teams played in the same way, trying to win 1-0 at home and trying for 0-0 on the road.
    if tevez is furious, imagine what balotelli will go through, even though he knows the coach.

    i like tevez somewhat, but he seems to be awfully unsettled. he plays 2 years at each stop. 2 years at corinthians in brasil, 2 years at west ham, 2 years at manure, and now 2 years at city.

  2. Hmm..interesting read Jeremy..cheers for your hard work..
    Well what can i say i had tevez for 2 weeks & he duly replied me with 2 goals..however i took him off this week so that i could have drogs back..i feel blackpool will be strong @ home & mancini is being defensive..torres will need at least 2 months to find his form :(
    Kop Legends™

  3. @5uperman - I agree! not only is Mancini being defensive but also, Blackpool are no pushovers...and definitely not the new 'Derby' like we all assumed they were gonna be. But just in case City come with all guns blazing I'm going to have at least 1 one their attackers, most likely AJ since i got him on the BD. Anyways, it already sounds like a great mach...can't wait till week 8!