Want to Know More About Liverpool's New Owner?

For those of you who are into the Twitter, here is John Henry's Twitter handle.  Nothing yet about the Liverpool acquisition (probably because it isn't final yet) but this might give you some insight into how he is thinking about the team as things do go formal.


 I'm sure those who are fans of Liverpool will like the fact that he seems to combine the business acumen to accumulate enough of a fortune to purchase two iconic franchises on either side of the Atlantic as well as paying attention to wins and losses and reacting to them in the same way a fan might (granted, a very restrained fan who doesn't tend to use profanity or rip players/managers).

He's not quite Mark Cuban but at least he isn't Hicks.

Anyway, just something I thought I'd pass along while I'm watching the first game of the Phillies World Series campaign 2010 (Halladay looking AWESOME so far!).

Cheers - Neal


  1. 2nd no-hitter in MLB playoff history, nice work.

  2. anything but gillett and hicks will do for the liverpool fans right now...

  3. So Neal, you know I had to chip in with a comment on Halladay's No No...what a game...he's a beast. If he takes us to our 2nd championship in 3 years do you think he can be regarded as the best ever pitcher in Baseball history??

  4. @Ketz - best ever is a pretty heavy conversation and one I'm probably not qualified to have an opinion on but if he keeps churning out performances like last night, he'd have to go into the conversation for having had the best single post-season run ever and his career body of work would have to start being compared with guys like Randy Johnson (who as I recall was pretty amazing for AZ one year in the playoffs PLUS all of his regular season dominance), Roger Clemens, John Smoltz, Steve Carlton, and a bunch of other guys who pitched before I was born/watching.