Bent Injury Blow

Still a favorite Darren Bent moment. Besides, it's not a real post these days if we don't allude to Liverpool.

Sunderland - Bent Injury Blow
SAFC striker Darren Bent has had to pull out from the England squad due to an injury sustained in training...

Sunderland fans will be hoping the injury, described as a 'groin injury' will be minor and he will recover in time to face Blackburn a week today and especially the Tyne-Wear Derby on 31st October.
If not, Gyan at 6.39 becomes an intriguing choice.


  1. Birty3:30 PM

    I'd go as far as saying that Gyan would be a good pick even if Bent was fit. Brucie was talking about him starting before he got a knock and I reckon he'll start on the weekend irrespective of Bent's fitness. And irrespective of his low price, I think he's a good pick.

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    took me a sec..:) love the pic!

    FK Suduva

  3. Seriously, what are they doing at these England training camps!? Have I just got a case of the "back in my day"? I swear it is not normal to lose 2+ players out of an international squad every time they play.

  4. The injury to Darren Bent, preventing him from almost certainly starting for England against Montenegro on Tuesday night, was an unfortunate blow to a player whose good fortune at club level has never really seemed to follow him into the international squad.

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