No Live Chat Today

Unfortunately, my day job has intervened and I will be in the office both this morning (Saturday) and tomorrow morning when I'd rather be watching the full slate of Premier League matches and hosting our usual Live Chat.  We should be back at our regularly scheduled time when the Week 7 matches kick off.

Cheers - Neal


  1. sorry you had to hang out in the office man.

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    very, very funny clip...

  3. richard_pitts_20004:05 AM

    Working weekends sucks. I once took a lower-paid job so I didn't have to so i can empathise. As for the fantasy football my team was: Hart, Bale, Williamson, Salcido, Barton, Adam, Malouda, VdV, Caroll, Shamflop, Droggers. 101.5 from a week that was hard to predict so I can't argue, particularly as Caroll and Williamson got -1.5 in total.

    I am concerned Van Der Vart is hoovering Bale's points and Carroll's position. I'm gonna give it a couple more games.

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