Injuries and Suspensions

Link to SoccerNet consolidated injury reports

Jeremy has already posted some of the key injury-related news this morning.  The biggest news is that Chelsea's midfield continues to be at less than full strength with the continued absences of Lampard and Ramires which means that Zhirkov should start and be an excellent bargain.  On the plus side, there isn't any mention of an injury to Charlie Adam so I'm expecting that he'll start.

Honestly, there isn't a ton of really important injury news but here's the quick rundown:

  • Gibbs/Diaby/Verm/Almunia/RvP/Ramsey/Wilshere - The list continues to dwindle at Arsenal with Diaby, Gibbs, and now Almunia not likely to start even if healthy.  The downside for fantasy is that it makes line-up selection that much harder.  This is the last match for Wilshere's suspension.
  • Upson - Arsenal's task gets easier with WHU's best central defender (insert joke here) set to miss out.
  • Tevez - We covered this one already but the bad news today is that there hasn't been any real indication as to whether K2 or Balotelli will be taking his place.
  • Rooney - The Chicharito era continues at Old Trafford.  Great value for fantasy managers here.
  • King/Corluka/Dawson/Defoe/THud - The talk in the press is always about key injuries to Arsenal but for my money, this is a much bigger story at this point.  Going to be tough to win against even a less-than-their-best ManYoo without their best striker and best defender.
  • Gabby/SPet/LYoung/Albrighton - For a relatively thin squad, this is bad news going into a relatively even derby match.

Late Fitness Test
  • Arteta - I would have recommended him if he were healthy but he's in question which means you should definitely stay away at his current price.
  • Piquionne - For those of you who were using him as a cheap third striker (like Jeremy) be aware that his participation is in doubt.
  • KJones/Pennant - Both suffered from flu-like symptoms late in the week but it is hoped that both will make it back in time to start.
  • Odemwingie - No specific mention of his condition in the various match notes but BBC has him listed as "Doubtful" so we'll assume he has a chance to play but not a good one.
Like I said, not a ton of really important news there but at least we have some enlightenment on the Zhirkov situation which will likely help fantasy managers everywhere free up money for other things.

Cheers - Neal


  1. top stuff thanks...about Adam, an insider on a Blackpool forum says today "his foot is apparently still swollen. He reckons he'll be fit for Mon tho if still swollen from last Sat his fitness must be in doubt".

    Full injury database here;

  2. chelsea fan10:58 AM

    i am wrestling with whether or not to keep bosingwa at a discount (risk of rotation with ivanovic) or switch to zhirkov (who will surely start at left mid). there has been some speculation that ancellotti will start ivanovic b/c blackburn are good in the air. but my gut tells me that bosingwa will start b/c ancellotti likes the offensive threat on right opposite cole, and chelsea has struggled to score in recent away games. thoughts anyone?

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Free up money? Really?! I'm finding it hard to spend it so far. With Tevez out, Torres not impressing and Drogba having a tough match-up, the only premium player who might be worth his price is Fabregas, which I also don't like as a fantasy player because he rarely gets "monster" weeks. I don't like to spend a lot on a defender this week as I can't see to many clean-sheets, while I can't also see many premium strikers that might score well this weekend.
    Currently sitting on:

    Coleman Boateng Squillaci
    Nani VDV Brunt Nasri Fabregas
    Chamakh Hernandez

    I don't like having both Fabregas and Nasri but I don't see many other choices. I don't trust Hernandez against Spurs as well, but he seemed to me like the best option around 10mil.



  4. I think Bosingwa is first choice and should keep his place now. I would keep him, or even go for both! You can get more opinions here... :)

  5. Teamtalk just listed Charlie Adam as a "major doubt"

  6. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Hey all... Really need some help here...
    Cannot decide between Kirkland/Coleman/Hernandez and Krul/Kelly/Chamakh

    I think Coleman will do better than Kelly while Hernandez and Chamakh would be quite even I think. Krul is likely to concede and Kirkland is probably safer.

    However, getting a 0 point isn't enticing (I know... negative is even worse)

  7. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Kirkland might just start and give you a negative and Krul is no better.

  8. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Kirkland might just start and give you a negative and Krul is no better. Even if you had to pick 6 midfielders, there are enough options for this week, why no adjust your midfield/attack and free up cash for a better Goalkeeper

  9. I say Kirkland will start as well, Adam won't.

  10. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Adams is out for 2 weeks... that is confirmed.

  11. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Confirmed ... link?