I hate the Interwebs

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Carlos Tevez will be rested either tomorrow or in the Europa League on Thursday after he complained of being exhausted.

Really? Now I have to wonder if this is true, and if so why would they rest him for the League game? Maybe he's not even back from Argentina yet. Who knows? Have you seen Tevez?

If Drogba weren't ill - he'll only miss one game - this would be an issue. And maybe it shouldn't be. Should I just suck it up and take the goose egg for the week? On the other hand, I'm trailing and need to make up ground. But at what cost temporary advancement?

ARGH! Bad place. Stepping away from the internet for a bit.


  1. Anonymous1:33 AM

    This is my team for now:

    Coleman - Salgado - Rio
    Adam - VdV - Nani - Pennant - Nasri
    Brbs - ELmander

    (0.48 pts left)

    I think it looks good to me. But I have Rio in my team and I wonder if he can play or not after inter-match? Or I should change him for another defender? Suggestion, plz?


  2. Anonymous2:21 AM

    will tevez play?

  3. I'm sure exhaustion does play a part, but I can't help but think this may also be a super-secret suspension for the bust up between Tevez and Mancini.

  4. Anonymous7:14 PM

    you cant get on to it, it is always down, what is the problem, bring back the old premier fantasy league