Injuries and Suspensions

So, did anything happen while I was gone? I feel like I went to this tropical island and had a crazy dream that Wayne Rooney insisted that he was leaving Manchester United and that the roof of Old Trafford seemed like it was caving in and that generally, the world was coming to an end.  Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning with a tan (so I know the island part was true) to see that Rooney has signed a 5 year extension to lead the (deteriorating) line at ManYoo.  In my dream, I also recall mentioning that it's always best to follow the money so my guess is that SAF and the Glazers realized that they needed Wayne-o and make sure that the money path led back to Old Trafford.  I still can't say I'm thrilled about ManYoo's prospects unless they can add some more talent to Rooney's signing in January or over the summer but at least it stems the tide of decline.  Making the quick transition to actual injury and suspension news - Rooney is out for the next three weeks counting his money nursing his ankle.

Here are the other relevant injuries and doubts:

  • Koscielny, Wilshere, Almunia, Vermaelen, RvP, Ramsay - Still doesn't make me feel good about them keeping Citeh off the scoreboard #ListGettingShorter 
  • Agbonlahor - Probably would have been a weekend where you would have considered starting him but not to be #TooBad
  • Luke Young - Are you as shocked as I am that he's been pretty useful this season #Revival
  • Gardner - One game left on the suspension #BusySeason
  • Beausejour - Still not fit so still we wait to see if he's worth the hype #AnticipationBuilding
  • Al-Habsi - Bolton owns him so all of you Kirkland owners watch out, he'll play this weekend #Yikes
  • Klasnic - Just a reminder that he's suspended #YouProbablyDidn'tCare
  • Lampard - Still not back yet, what happened to the Iron Man? #Lingering
  • Alex - Still out leaving JT and Ivanovic in the center and Bosingwa starting on the right #RBValue?
  • Osman/Saha/Pienaar/Rodwell - It isn't an Arsenal-esque injury list but definitely important with a relatively thin squad at striker and midfielder #InjuryCrisisContinues
  • Davies/Duff/Senderos/Etuhu/Murphy/Zamora - Well at least AJ is back and preparing for his next injury #InjuryCrisisPartIII
  • Johnny Evans - Out with a hip problem #BlessingInDisguise?
  • Giggs/Owen/Rooney/Valencia - Really not much doubt as to ManYoo's line-up outside of maybe a Hernandez/Macheda decision that seems heavily weighted toward Hernandez. #Value
  • Glen Johnson/Daniel Agger - Ordinarily wouldn't be tragic but they really need all hands on deck for what should be a winnable match. #Desperation
  • Chris Samba - Suspended #TorresSmiles
Fitness Test
  • Peter Odemwingie - Nothing more than he's still very much uncertain for the weekend - have to assume that he'll be out the way they're phrasing things #Bummer #TchoyiAgain?
  • Kolo Toure - Probably not a weekend to pick him up anyway #NotNews
  • Mario Balotelli - A fitness question mark #BarnDoorWatch
  • KRich - Unlikely to play, unlikely you care #WastedPotential
  • Cameron Jerome - Still unlikely after another weekend of recovery but not completely ruled out #NoValue
  • Andy Reid - What, he's hurt again? I'm shocked #SongRemainsTheSame
There really isn't too much else to talk about as we get close.  As the weekend approaches, there is value to be found in Chicharito, Dyer (see Jeremy's FB post), and potentially Bosingwa if he gets enough time to qualify for a clean sheet (which is a major question with him coming back from injury).


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  2. Dembele is out till November according to

    "Manager Mark Hughes is counting the cost of last weekend's defeat to Tottenham after Danny Murphy and Moussa Dembele both picked up injuries and are out until November."

  3. Too Tall11:38 AM

    Should I start Andrew Johnson or Kevin Davies? I'm a girl playing in an all boys league. Somebody help me! Thank you! :)

  4. @Too Tall:
    Why are you limiting yourself to those two gentlemen? Think outside the box, my dear...

  5. Too Tall11:46 AM

    I have...

    M. Gilks, A. Hutton, Boateng, Jara, Nani, C. Adam, C. Brunt, Mark Davies, A. Carrol, Drogba. Need another forward. C'mon help me out! I need to beat these boys! :) Is this a good team?

  6. Too Tall, can you find the $2 to turn Mark Davies into Dyer or Zhirkov?

  7. Too Tall12:05 PM

    Maybe. Who would you suggest selling? Or I can get one either Dyer or Zhirkov and get a cheaper forward. Thoughts? Thank you all so much for the help!

  8. You've got a good team there! You might want to consider Obinna of WHU (@8.92), he takes many kicks and has shown dedication to the game, or Chamakh of Arsenal (@8.71)... Kompany (Defender) may also be of interest but he'll cost you 9+. Good luck!

  9. Too Tall12:09 PM

    I had Chamakh for weeks and he never did anything for me, so I got rid of him. I used to pick my team by funny last names and clearly, that got me no where. LOL! So, I am trying a new tactic. Will look at getting Obinna and Kompany. Who would you sell to get them?

  10. Too Tall12:11 PM

    Ok, is it better to get a few great guys and a few really bad ones, or all good guys? I can sell my defenders and pick up Kompany, but it will leave me with 2 other cruddy defenders.

  11. My team for Week 9:
    Kirkland / Bale, Kompany, Perch, Squillaci / VDV, Nani, Brunt, Adam / Drogba, Obinna / 99.99

    Please rate my team. Will it help if I say I'm a girl playing in an all boys' league?

  12. Usually I try to get production from every position. But this week, I'm making an exception. I really want Drogs AND Tevez and that's a bit spendy. So welcome Kirkland, Zhirkov (actually a good temporary pick) and Dyer!

  13. Too Tall12:32 PM

    Haha! I swear I am a girl! You're too funny! :) Maybe I will just take your team. That sounds like a plan to me! :)

  14. Too Tall12:36 PM

    Wait a minute, Tayo. If I pick all your players, it is over 100. ARGH!

  15. Too Tall12:43 PM

    OK, which team is better -

    A - M. Gilks, A. Hutton, Boateng, Jara, Nani, C. Adam, C. Brunt, Mark Davies, A. Carrol, Drogba

    B - Kirkland, Kompany, Perch, Squillaci, Nani, C. Adam, Brunt, Hadji Diouf, Drogba, Kalinic, Obinna

  16. Yeah, I'm holding some guys at discount: Bale, VDV, Kompany, Obinna, Nani and Adam. They are potential season keepers, all things being equal...

  17. Too Tall12:49 PM

    Kirkland, Kompany, A. Hutton, Boateng, Nani, C. Adam, C. Brunt, Reo-Coker, A. Carrol, Drogba, Obinna

    Lastly, here is my option C. A, B or C?

    Thanks y'all!

  18. Did anybody notice that Rooney did EXACTLY the same thing that Kobe Bryant did a few years back. Surrounded by a club that is slipping and trying to rebuild around him, he starts to make noises that he's on his way out. Then he starts to flirt (through intermediaries) with the other club in the same city... only to have a dramatic change of heart and resign a huge extension.
    In Kobe's case, part of the deal was a commitment from the team that they'd go out and get another star to play second banana (Gasol). Could Man U have made the same guarantee to Rooney? Would not surprise me at all if they sign a player in the £30 million range in one of the next two transfer windows.

  19. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Okay, I have a big dilemma ahead of the weekend and I'll be greatful if Jeremy or anyone else helps me with it. My team for now is:

    Ivanovic Konchesky Boateng
    Malouda VDV Nani Holden Adam
    Obinna Anelka

    I'm afraid Malouda or Anelka (or, God help me, both) will be rested, and though I think their a good pair with such a match-up, I'm pretty sure I'll replace them with Drogba+Zhirkov. If you have an opinion about this, please speak up.
    I bought Adam this week after finally deciding to stop being stubborn and get on the bandwagon while it's still hot. I also wanted to bring in Brunt, but I might give up on that, with Holden being a pretty strong pick anyway. Or, I can also downgrade Konchesky and upgrade Holden to get Brunt, but that will be almost entirely giving up on my defence, while I have a feeling dropping Konchesky at home to B'burn is a huge mistake...

    Please help!


  20. @Too Tall:
    Going by my team, I'll go for your option B. But as Jeremy and all the great Fantasy gurus out there will tell you, the final decision rests with the team owner...
    Here's hoping you score higher than all the guys in your league this week.

    @ All the Fantasy gurus,
    Please rate my team:
    Kirkland / Bale, Kompany, Perch, Squillaci / VDV, Nani, Brunt, Adam / Drogba, Obinna / 99.99

    Bon week-end à tous!

  21. I don't think Carlo has too many options right now and you can probably guess his line-up:

    Cech / Bos Ivanovic Terry Cole / Mikel Essien Zhirkov / Malouda Drogba Anelka

    @Tayo - I like the team but personally would gut Kompany to improve on Perch and Squillaci. They may be value for money but are your weak links.

  22. duchXI5:43 PM

    Any comments/suggestions for week 9?


  23. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Bale Boateng Bosingwa

    Barton C.Adam Nani VDV Meireles

    Drogba Obinna

    any suggestions?

  24. Why is it that majority do not consider Hleb or Zigic? I've Hleb at 5.07 and I'm thinking this is a good keep. BD Zigic but I'm leaning towards Obinna.

    Any comments or opinion pls

  25. Anonymous3:01 AM

    @Too Tall- i prefer option C.
    @Tayo- get rid of Squillaci and especially Perch.

  26. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Caroll or zigic??