Early Injury News

I'm in meetings just about all day so I'll get some important news out before I head in. Either Jeremy or I will get back later in the day to do a more complete update but for now:

  1. DROGBA IS OUT - it is only an "illness" so there likely aren't any long term implications here but regardless of what price you have him at, this is a big decision. For those who ditched him a few weeks back, your move looks much better now.
  2. Also out for Chelsea - Lamps, Alex, Sturridge, Kalou, and Yossi meaning they'll be going with Cech, Ferreira, Ivanovic, Terry, Cole, Mikel, Ramires, Essien, Kakuta, FloMal, and the Elk. In my mind, this makes Kakuta a pretty interesting option at 6.28 and the Elk a strong bargain if you want to bail on Drogs.
  3. Koscielny is out - Apparently he has a back problem seemingly out of nowhere. We should probably assume that Squillaci and Djourou will play. Both central defenders are pretty affordable but my take is that the injury diminishes the value of all of Arsenal's back line including Fabianski/Almunia.


  1. @Neal... I realize it's your duty to report the latest news but a little bit of me was hoping you wouldn't (since I dropped Drogba weeks ago)! :p


  2. paul mac9:23 AM

    houston we have a problem.what do we do with drogba now.big discount will be hammered trying to get him back if we sell.i also have koscielny so this is a horrible post for me.not many great options to replace drogba.dont forget tevez is in the bad books with mancini after there bust up in last league game

  3. paul mac9:30 AM

    options for drogba replacement
    rooney-might not play after his comments in press
    tevez-might not play after bust up last week
    torres-never does anything for about 3 weeks after an injury
    chamakh-bendtner will cut his playing time now back in squad
    not very much out there.if you drop a striker lamps and fabregas still out.
    decisions decisions decisions

  4. Anonymous9:47 AM


  5. D***!!!! Drog is out!!

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Paul, Just go for Anelka, much better option up front than all of the previously mentioned players, plus, on the upside, it will free up some 6 Mil to use on a DECENT defender instead of Koscielny, you could switch to Vidic or Cole in the back...
    basically you change would be Drogs & Kosc to Anelka & Cole for example!!!
    The way i see it, it's a pretty easy choice...

  7. Thanks for the news Neal, great news indeed!

    My team...


  8. dropping drogba 4 weeks ago has worked out for me, i made 1.5 points the first week, gained much ground the second week when he managed a 6 point haul, then lost ground the last week when he got only his cost of 22 points and i had bent. now i have nani, arshavin and chamakh with drogba's money.