Kirkland to Play

When last we saw the Captain...

Hat tip to Y!FF reader Alex who notes that:
Captain Kirkland will not be a zero next week (probably minus) as Wigan play Bolton and Al Habsi will not be allowed to play against his 'parent' club.
Kirkland was on my provisional team as I'm trying to squeeze in both Drogba and Tevez at forward. Now I have to decide if I'm happy with this news or not. At first blush, Wigan have been much better defensively recently, but that could entirely be down to Al-Habsi's form.

There are no dull weeks in fantasy English Premier League play, are there?


  1. squeezed in Drogs thanks to Kirk, now he's playing i'm nervous

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Kirkland's a good goalkeeper.

  3. @Anon, I wish I had your confidence but I'm with EC7 at the moment.

  4. Rooney to the winds?

    Buy Chicharito?

  5. @TG, that could be a good idea. I'll be interested in the team news come Friday.