Tidbits from the Fantasist

Haven't you always imagined this guy was The Fantasist? But who knew he was a Barca fan!?

Interesting tidbits in The Fantasists blog today.

In relation to the growing idea that a player should return his value in points:
Last weekend 266 players featured in the Premier League, of which 57 outscored their value - that's 21 per cent.
The Fantasist's own team (1,232nd out of about 250,000 overall)
"250,000 overall"? Finally, after years of guessing - and guessing closer to 400,000 - we have an idea about how big the game actually is. Now, if only we had a sense of how many teams were still active at this point in the season...


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    The Fantasist must not take his own advice if he is ranked that high. Any takers on the theory he is sabotaging his readers to gain places? Haha.

  2. Bradley5:28 PM

    I don't know why YFF doesn't display the overall number of teams, but actually there's no need to guess. Since we have access to other teams' line-ups, you just have to bring up one team from each of the 21 "Fans of..." groups and total the maximum ranks (a bit of a pain but effective). When I last checked a couple months ago, the number was indeed just shy of 250,000:

    Total: 249676

    Arsenal 40262
    Birmingham 933
    Blackburn 1037
    Bolton 648
    Burnley 1339
    Chelsea 32459
    Everton 2999
    Fulham 1297
    Hull 1157
    Liverpool 45316
    ManCity 7487
    ManUtd 77401
    Portsmouth 919
    Stoke 777
    Sunderland 1120
    Tottenham 7435
    Villa 2694
    WestHam 2506
    Wigan 673
    Wolves 2340
    Other 18877

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Yeah, it was indeed interesting, the Fantasists article and rant. Luckily I use this blog and AMs blog for most of my information (plus Physio Room). I wonder the Fantasist's team name is..."The Fantasist" perhaps? Also wonder what group he is in, curious to find his team.


  4. Anonymous6:05 PM

    un-interested in the above "rant" :P dint like it a bit when you guys were out of Yahoo..

    by the way nice look to the new blog layout
    Keep Blogging !


  5. 1232 team are still active..

  6. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Upon further review of the Fantasist's page, he links you to his team. He's in Fans of Manchester United. Team name is "Suscribe to Vermaelen List"


  7. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Correction: "Subscribe to Vermaelen List"


  8. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Btw... "years of guessing" could have been correct before near 400k, but lack of promotion and errors has seen the number of players dropping sig annually.

  9. Bojan8:49 AM

    my B team on what i spent 5 minutes every week is around 3000th and i didnt play 1st week of the season with that team( i got 0)... and it was double week... and i choose 7-9 different players then in my A team...

  10. maybe he picked the player he didn't recommend or i can't see him fin at such respectful position...

    though i play better than him and at 6xxth rite now.. hehe

  11. if you call yourself a guru, shouldn't you be in the top ten? if not #1?

  12. Don't bang on the guy - "the guy", after all The Fantasist is anonymous - for his results or his ranking. We all have our ups and downs, and this isn't an exact science. I've finished in the top 40 in the game before. Now I'm outside the top 2,000. It happens. We here at this blog just hope to keep ourselves... we mean you!... keep you entertained and informed.

  13. Akilesh1:08 PM

    Well, lots of people give the Fantasist more stick than is necessary, hence the defensive statement.

    While his pro-United picks for the game vs Chelsea were puzzling (given Chelsea's form and Rooney's absence), maybe the fantasist just let his/her United fandom get in the way.

    I wish Fantasy Football was predictable, but this season has just been so topsy turvy that you just couldn't bank on a team to win most of the time, and most risky picks went wrong. The best one can do is pick players who are likely to have good matches (points-wise) and avoid injured or suspended ones.