Indian Player Debuts in Major League Soccer

Sunil Chhetri makes debut for Wizards in loss to Rapids - Soccer -

I know we have at least some following in India and who I'm sure will be interested to know (if they don't already) that one of their own, Sunil Chhetri, has made his professional debut in Major League Soccer on Tuesday.

I had a chance to watch some domestic league matches in India when I was there last summer and it is definitely a few steps down from MLS but with the growing popularity of the world game, India's huge population, and the widespread proliferation soccer/football as a participation sport among kids in India you have to think that this will be the first of many.  I'd guess that India will mirror the progress of US players as they emerged on the world scene in the 80s.

This will be an interesting story to follow over the coming years.


  1. being born in the US, it's still a big deal to me with race being involved in sports and the like..there aren't exactly that many known indian athletes haha so it's nice to see this..also i dont know if you know this but the president of the USSF is also indian, Sunil Gulati (sp? i was born in new jersey so i don't have the full indian spelling genes haha..he's a professor at MIT as well and i plan on taking his job =)

    ps. ive dropped from 267 - 2100 in the last 2 months..i blame my stupidity in dropping drogs from the african cup at 10+ and bale at 2.72 before one the first double weeks of 2010, where bale outscored the other 3 defenders i had as none kept CSs that week. keep the blue flag flying highhhhhhh

  2. Anonymous4:29 AM

    he is 20+ :)
    another player is going for trail in MLS...Subroto Paul..National team Goalkeeper & he is brilliant & they both played for the club i support East Bengal.
    All the best guys