Let the Summer Transfer Speculation Start In Earnest...

£40m Sergio Aguero heading to Chelsea - Transfers - ESPN Soccernet

Still waiting on some injury news but figured I'd get a head start on the summer transfer columns by forwarding this one along to everyone.

So, does this mean The Elk is gone? Does it mean that Chelsea will make fantasy managers miserable by rotating Drogs/Elk/Aguero + occasional appearances from Sturridge and Kalou at striker? In the real world, you'd think that after paying that much money for any player, that player would be a no-doubt-about-it starter every week he was healthy but when you talk about the super-rich clubs like Chelsea, Citeh, Real, and Barca who don't really operate with budgets that logic doesn't really apply.  In any event, he is the first potential +10 nominee heading into the next fantasy season with the hope being that there are more to come with ManYoo (striker? attacking midfielder? and winger?), Arsenal (keeper? center back? striker?), and Citeh (just about any and everything they can get their grubby paws on) all in the market for expensive players.  It could be the first time ever that a strong fantasy team could feature 3 premium superstars (Rooney, Drogs, Cesc/Gerrard) AND an entire team of new players in the league.  Interesting times.


  1. kun is an animal. he is young, ridiculously talented and very, very active. he is great at linkup play. he plays in a 4-4-2 for madrid with forlan. they move off of each other. he has 12 goals and 4 assists in 30 games in a bad season for his team. chelsea plays with a lone striker and 2 support players out wide. anelka has been pushed out wide, limiting his effectiveness. unless chelsea change the lineup, they will push him out wide, where he will be less effective and have to learn a whole new position, that might not make him as attractive of a fantasy player.

    it is the same at arsenal. chamakh is a the setup guy, like bendtner and passes very well. he scores a lot of his goals on volleys and tap-ins. he benefits from a great passing team. he has only played in a 4-4-2, as well. arsenal played in that position, last year, and have switched to a 4-3-3. this lone striker, setup gave van persie a lot of room and may have been the reason cesc went off this year. is wenger going back to the 4-4-2? this lineup was gold for arshavin last year as he was just behind and to the left of the strikers.

  2. Miecio12:03 PM

    I think that all these voices about big (and many as well) transfers are too noisy
    Aguero (Kun) will join Chelsea (80% i think)
    Riberry will go to Spain but I think he's going to stay. Especially as his form this seasson is poor (or even very poor). He will be free agent so we might expect here everything (he might even stay in bayern, wouldnt he?). My bet is that he will go to Real (60%) or nowhere - stay at Bayern (20%).
    Chamakh - next doubt, his example looks pretty similar to Ribery's, but I think he is going nowhere rather then to Arsenal.
    Arsenal - they need better first choise goalkeeper Almunia is just too weak. You might not belive but Fabianski could go in his place but there is only one think that keeps him of first Arsenal goalkeeper. He is overmotivated and he wants too much and he feels pressure, big pressure everytime he starts. I'm Pole as well as he is and I saw his performances, many of them. I can tell you that if he get this place he might play as well as Artur Boruc (yeah, these one from Celtic) or Jerzy Dudek (you know he played in Liverpool, now he is noone in Real). As I said he is very talented lad but he doesnt look as bright in big games (i mean big games for him) as he could and even should.
    Do you expect any player will join Arsenal? I think that Arsene need to reorganisate def line and it's going to happen but I will be surprised if any striker comes in.
    Citeh - yes we all know whats going to happen. 200mln? 400mln? I think that they are going to spend something about 200mln as well as they did last year.
    Elk is on his way out (I think so). There is no chance J. Cole is going to stay, I wouldnt believe it.

    We will see if i was right writing this. See you in August.

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    just hope that yahoo will finally introduce either a higher cap on money to spend, or, normalized the current player value vis-a-vis their points.

    increasing the available funds to 150/200 would be the best and easy option.

    it doesn't make sense that the player prices are increasing on season-per-season basis, but the funds remains the same for years now.