Let the Summer Transfer Speculation Start In Earnest...

£40m Sergio Aguero heading to Chelsea - Transfers - ESPN Soccernet

Still waiting on some injury news but figured I'd get a head start on the summer transfer columns by forwarding this one along to everyone.

So, does this mean The Elk is gone? Does it mean that Chelsea will make fantasy managers miserable by rotating Drogs/Elk/Aguero + occasional appearances from Sturridge and Kalou at striker? In the real world, you'd think that after paying that much money for any player, that player would be a no-doubt-about-it starter every week he was healthy but when you talk about the super-rich clubs like Chelsea, Citeh, Real, and Barca who don't really operate with budgets that logic doesn't really apply.  In any event, he is the first potential +10 nominee heading into the next fantasy season with the hope being that there are more to come with ManYoo (striker? attacking midfielder? and winger?), Arsenal (keeper? center back? striker?), and Citeh (just about any and everything they can get their grubby paws on) all in the market for expensive players.  It could be the first time ever that a strong fantasy team could feature 3 premium superstars (Rooney, Drogs, Cesc/Gerrard) AND an entire team of new players in the league.  Interesting times.