Matchday Open Thread

I apologize to everyone who is navigating to this space in hopes of finding a Live Chat to supplement their watching of the Saturday Premier League matches.  Unfortunately, life has intervened and between house guests for the Thanksgiving holiday and preparation for vacation, I just won't have time to make a decent effort at it.  I hope for one week that the "old school" way of connecting everyone while they're watching will suffice.

Enjoy the matches...

Cheers - Neal


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Does anyone know what the heck happened to Zabeltta?

  2. Very interesting ! I like it.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Fine..
    Have a nice day with your family

  4. Harout10:19 AM

    Rotation probably; too many players...

  5. Anonymous10:55 AM

    yes.. collison n cole scored.. but no cleansheet for my two defender, brown n paintsil

  6. yeah..i have collison and rooney had scored a hatrick...
    but dunn is injured..just played for 30minutes..urghh

  7. Looks like Rooney's the only one who's really done much for me this week. I've only got Bily and Roger Johnson left to play. That penalty for Hull would have been the worst news I could have gotten if it hadn't been for BFAR and DBent seeing yellow. Should have gone with Kirkland between the sticks.

  8. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Fuck!!! I'm choosing no more players who might start from now on. I chose Fabio/Obertan/Campbell...they didn't even fucking feature. Alright, that's it I gotta get serious...although I did have rooney though.

  9. Who to grab... Eagles or KPB?

  10. On the BD side: Not sure if Probbo or Kirk had more points (BBC had Probbo with 2 more saves), but for next week I'm def switching to Kirk-- home to Birmingham, while Blackburn face 'Pool.
    And I WOULD be barndooring Franco right now... but oh, yeah. Stupid Yahoo.
    Might give Fletcher a forward spot. Pompey-Burnley could be a goal fest if today's matches have shown us anything. And it looked like O'Hara had a ton of phantom points (although the yellow hurt).

  11. Obertan is not a regular starter for Man Utd and he played in mid week against Besiktas. Same goes for Rafael.

    Get KPB. Pompey at home.. should have more chances to score than Burnley.


  12. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I BD'd KPB. He seems to find his shooting style back and home to BNY next. Grant is a good manager. The players are just getting too high today. They will find their way out of relegation.

    Bellamy hurts me alot this week. I was too lazy last night to trade him off after seeing Robinho news. I could have brought in Rooney if i dumped Bellamy.

    Given has his 1-save 1-goal 1-draw game again. It shouldn't be a penalty though.

    What a bad week so far with Dunn/Given/Bellamy producing nothing.


  13. WAYNE MOTHAF#@$#@IN ROONEY!!! One hat trick, two penalties, winning goal and no card !!! Congratulations to those who BELIEVED

  14. Anonymous12:42 PM

    KPB got a yellow today right? His price shouldn't rise should it?

  15. Anonymous12:46 PM

    What is a good website to follow phantom points for players; yahoo doesn't provide that information for me anymore? Soccernet seems to be OK but I was hoping for something else.


  16. - Hooray for Rooney!
    - Week of Penalty kicks! 6 already so far!
    - Dunn injured. awesome. Dropped him without any news because I was looking for a reason to drop him anyways.
    - picking up Cesc and KPB.
    - Love the random F-bombs! exactly why I'd rather have sme who's a sure starter than a 'maybe'. Look at the rage in that post!!
    - But really? those 3 were ALOT of eggs in 1 basket.

  17. richard_pitts5:51 AM

    Dunn and Bellamy bombed for me but I had one of those weeks where everything else went right. My line-up: Probbo, Vermo, Brown, Baird, Dunn, Billy, Jummy, Duff, Bellamy, Yayga, S.Fletcher. 109 points with Vermo and Billy still to play. I think Fletcher is going to be a star although as a Hibs fan I am biased.

    Owen I agree - I never pick injury doubts - much better to get 11 sure starters.

  18. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Dunn, Bellamy,Ireland and Lennon screwed it up for me. Rooney was my saviour, although only for a poor 68 points. Still got Billy and Vermaelen to play, but dont expect too much from them :(.

  19. Drog goal, Verm own goal and we're all back to zero...
    Anelka looks like he's playing off Drogba in a bit of a deeper role which seems to be negating Joe Cole's position at the top of that diamond... Good news for Drogs, bad for the rest of the chelsea midfield

  20. - Saved by my strikers: Drogs/Rooney/Hugo
    - I've had Given from the begining, but, City playing Chelsea next week, with Arsenal playing Stoke, and Almunia being 5 and change. I think I'm going with Almunia as a no-brainer pick of the week.

  21. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Adebayor,Ebanks,Dunn,Zabaleta screwed up my week...arghh...lost my 1st place in my league..damn


  22. Horrible week. 40 pts.
    Verm, Wes Brown, Roger Johnson/O'Hara, J.Cole, Dempsey, Dunn, Etherington/C. Cole,Robinho. Johnson, Brown, C.Cole and Dempsey were good for me. The rest, not so much. Dumped Dunn and Etherington for KBP and Collison, dropped Robinho for Rodallega, Schwartzer for Almunia and now to figure out if I want to drop Johnson or not. Not at all comfy with having Johnson going up against Rodallega. Or having to many WHU guys up against Man U.

  23. lbarroso12:27 AM

    105.5 for the week


    Contemplated getting cheaper defenders to pick up Giggs. Wish I would've went with my gut...
    Still first in my mini-league and moved up to 104th in Fans of Other group.