The Barn Door Live - November 21, 2009

You're looking live for one last time at Neal's townhouse basement - the next time we come to you it will be from temporary quarters in a condo while we wait to buy our next house (which probably won't happen until the off-season).

As Jeremy stated, it's been a crazy week for both injuries and injury news (BBC and Sky + ESPN seemed to disagree wildly about the status of some key players like Danny Murphy and Drogs).

Anyway, I ended up with Robbo (crossing fingers), Verm, Heiti, Emerton, Cesc, Dunn, Duffmen, Jummy, Drogs, Campbell, and Saha.


  1. Harout9:02 AM

    Isn't Saha injured?

  2. Harout9:39 AM

    Alex, Coles and Belletti start for Chelsea.

    Duff on the bench for Fulham, I put Duff instead of Dempsey - I hope I don't live to regret that :)

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Saha might as well have been injured with that performance ;) Although, I had Rooney and he did f'all as well.

  4. - BD'd Rooney. Playing Pompey next week.
    - Jumped back on the Bily bandwagon.
    - EdS play Chelsea next cheap though!

  5. Eduardo will still be cheap after the Chelsea match... well, on the barn door at least. Then it's Stoke, @Liv, @Burnley, Hull, Villa @Portsmouth. 1/2 way decent run, isn't it?