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You can check either the link above or yesterday's The Week Ahead post for a complete listing of those missing through suspension after the Premier League's refs.  As I mentioned yesterday, the interesting opportunities that will result from suspensions are O'Shea being a line-up definite and Frazier Campbell deputizing for Kenwyne Jones.  Hard to imagine guys like Nigel Reo-Coker or Paul Robinson (the defender) doing much for their fantasy managers regardless of the opportunity to start.

Elsewhere in injury news...
Looks like Rovers have kicked the H1N1 thing and are fully healthy - that may put Brett Emerton's place in the midfield in doubt (although I'm not sure Big Sam actually knows what his best line-up is).  I'd downgrade Emerton from "very promising risk" to "a big gamble."

K2 and Kolo back for Citeh making both expensive but potentially strong picks.

Sunderland have no holding midfielder with Cana suspended and Cattermole still injured.  Could be a good thing for the Spurs attack who are likely to get Lennon back and will definitely get Defoe back.  SeaBass is out but Woody may be ready to go.

Clichy, Bendtner, Traore, Vela, Denilson, and Walcott are out for Arsenal - the big question is "which of Rosicky, Nasri, and EdS are likely to join the clearly first choice Cesc, Song, Arshavin, RvP, and (seemingly) Abou Diaby?"  Nasri has been playing well but he's only just returning from injury.  EdS would be a more natural fit as a third player up top in the 4-3-3.  Rosicky has probably performed the best of the three thus far.  Hard to handicap this race so I'm going to stay away.

For ManYoo - Rio is out but Vidic is back.  Berbs is good to go (make your own joke about whether that's actually a positive or negative for ManYoo).  Park is also out.

For Chelsea's part, it looks like Zhirkov and Bosingwa are the only injury doubts meaning that the only real questions are related to which midfielders will start.  Lamps aside, your guess is as good as mine...

No word yet on Carlton Cole for this week's match.  Zavon Hines would be an interesting play but probably not worth it unless news comes out that CCole is definitely out.  Just so I have it written down somewhere, I think Hines is going to be a nice solid fantasy player at some point in the next couple of years.

No AJ or Murphy for Fulham and Duffman (who has been a good fantasy player) is facing the dreaded "late fitness test" - I'm not a big fan of Fulham on the road and even less so with those guys missing.  The only guy this really benefits is Clint Dempsey who is almost certain to start in an attacking role.

OK - that's about it.  Good luck with your Friday moves and we'll look forward to seeing you on the Live Chat tomorrow.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Right now the only players in my team that worry me are Tevez and Palacios. I had a big dilemma between Palacios and Rodwell, when the price isn't a factor.
    Tevez worries me because if Adebayor is back, I'm not sure he'll play a big role in ManC (or play at all). He had only one game with above 8.5 points, but so did others in his price range - Beattie, Zamora and Crouch, all with match-ups that aren't bad. For now I'm keeping Tevez&Palacios, though I'll be glad to read advices.


  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Please help: between bridge (doubtful), zabaleta or richards, who is the best choice??


  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Zabaleta for sure..he is the most attacking of the 3 and usually picks up some nice pointage. He has also been keeping Micah out recently.


  4. @ SF - I'm pretty sure K2 is nailed on for a start seeming as he has been back in training this week, so yeah, like you I believe Tevez' output will be less. But who knows, Carlito might pick up all of K2's knockdowns and could be a nice little bet for a goal or two. I'm leaning towards James Beattie at the mo...I get the impression that Hull could actually be worse than "the Skates" (Pompey) at the mo. Oh, and I'd also go with Palacios over THudd as the latter will probs be playing centre back due to spurs' injury troubles. Who else is going to jump on the James Beattie Bandwagon this weekend?!

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    thank guys, fantastic blog!

  6. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Alright, Ketz I'm with you. had to adjust my lineup to fit in Beattie but I think I'll live with it. Switched from THudd to Palacios, he probably won't give me many points but should bring back his value against a depleted Sunderland midfield. Got rid of Eduardo because he's not a sure starter and brought in Beattie.
    Currently sitting on:
    MTay/Dunn/Fletcher/Palacios/A. Reid
    I think they're all sure to play, can't take more risks on doubful players...I've lost too many points. What ya guys think?

  7. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Palacios/Beattie or Campbell/Bellamy(takes kicks)

    What ya guys think?

  8. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Palacios/Beattie or Campbell/Bellamy?

    Surely Campbell will at least redeem his price. What do you think? I'm not sure on Bellamy though, with Adebayor back and also Tevez? Will City play with all 3 strikers?

    Thanks guys (Honduran-Saul)

  9. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Just to play with the idea - I've figured out that I could switch both Tevez and Hunt for JGomez and Bellamy.
    Crazy? I didn't do it, not just yet. Bellamy has been in a better form than Tevez, and I believe that he has a better chance to start than Tevez, but with Adebayor back Bellamy will play on the wing anyway. And of course, the Hunt pick is much more logical than Gomez (though who says that all of this game is about logic?!).
    If anyone think I should change to Gomez&Bellamy from Tevez&Hunt, please tell me.


  10. I would expect all three to play. Bellamy will be the nominal left wing, but if the BRM game was any indication, he will be coming centrally often with Tevez coming back into midfield a lot as well.

    I would go with Campbell/Bellamy -- 2 strikers rather than one striker and one holding middie.

  11. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Thanks Jeremy - I have my team set and feel pretty pretty confidedent. Just hope I don't make last minute changes cause I've spent a lot and I mean a lot of time creating this team. Thanks to your help, of course.

  12. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Man I just realized that I told Ketz I would join him on the Beattie wagon...sorry mate. Changed my mind and went with Drogs/Bellamy/Campbell instead, may the best strikers win. Beattie sounds good this week though...awwwww, better get off this website before I make any more changes...I'm satisfied with what I've got. I'll have to tell myself that all day today. Good luck to all! till tomorrow's BDL. (Honduran-Saul)

  13. Anonymous6:44 PM

    i've got 2 gamble strikers in my team who are Voronin and Di Santo. Crazy?

  14. Nobody's mentioned the possibility that Rafa will sit Torres for this match. Nursing an injury, possibly in need of surgery, against less than quality opposition (at least "away") in BRM, I'd say Rafa sits him.

    This is the first time the Fantasist has contributed something Jeremy and Neal haven't. Shock. We sure miss you guys on the Yahoo! blog - but glad you've got a good space here.

  15. FlyingHamster8:48 PM

    By the way, would Skrtel play on Monday?

  16. Im rolling with Beattie this weekend, almost switched him out to put Hunt in MF with a 3-5-2 instead of 3-4-3 but will stick with Beattie for this week at least. Probably BD Hunt for double week

  17. No live chat for me as I'm in Charlotte for some investment banking interviews (insert your own late fitenss test joke here).

    Are we keeping Bily? Dropping Bily?

  18. @ Shayan...shame you're not in for 2mrws BDL but in regards to have to offload...3 games with 0 points...all for a few mil is def not god management in my eyes. But I'm sure there will be managers that will keep him in..and Drogs too when he departs for the AC of N. I just can't do it..I need to have 11 playing at all times!

  19. Anonymous12:35 AM

    only 2 weeks with no points tho (everton have a double game), and I have him for 4.7...
    I think ill defer the decision, its pretty much him or rodwell, so i dont reckon im losing a lot of points this week.

  20. suggestion needed
    which is better option

  21. Given

  22. Gavin3:05 AM


  23. @Owen, are u sure Aquilani will play?


  24. Anonymous7:55 AM

    My money is on Diaby and Lucas this week!