How did you do?

I earned 82.5 points with the largest contributions from that man, Drogba, PRobbo and the Hammers pair of Collison and CCole.

I leap-frogged Neal this week - a big 2.5 point gap! - as he earned 55 points with Drogba and Collison his big (only!) hitters.

Monday Morning Manager coming this evening.  In the meantime, how did you do, and whom did you grab on the barn door? 


  1. i got 63 points for the week, with everyone playing, but underperforming. my supermidfield of cesc, dunn, lennon, dempsey and bily was not up to the task and came in with 24.5 points. my decision to drop joe cole was right, but i had stanislas until midnight friday night, so i went with bily who led my midfielders with 8. i am dreading that horrible miss right at the beginning of the game. my only 2 players over 10 were ryan nelson and drogba.
    i am at a crossroads. in order to build my team, i need to pick which goalie is going to be in my lineup for a while. should i keep kirkland, whom i barn doored for 1.64 or should i go for almunia at 5.57.
    if kirkland makes 2 saves and loses he gets a little more than his cost. if almunia gets 2 saves and a tie, he has gotten his cost.
    i don't like to change goalies too often. what do you guys and girls think?

  2. Had Bd'ed Ireland and Bowyer last weekend but dropped Bowyer only to be updated via my mobile that he scores within the first 3 minutes! turns out to be a MWG just adds to the frustration!

    got 97 points with Drogs, Rooney.
    Good advice on Givet who got me 9.5 points.

    Have BD'ed Duff and Rod - also because my nearest opponent in my league has them as well. hmmmm will the negative approach of trying to balance his team vs mine be successful? any suggestions?

  3. Moderately successful week with approx 115 points courtesy of Giggs, H-Rod, Drog, Robbo, and middling contributions from Dempsey, Brown, O'Hara and Defoe.

    I've held on to H-Rod, Giggs, O'Hara, Defoe, Drog and BDd Duff and Eagles and Kirk. One of my cheapie MFs will be cut in favour of Fab or Arshavin I think, unless there are hints that evergreen Giggs will not start.

  4. I grabbed Reina, but wondering if PRobbo isn't as good of a bet (and cheaper) over the next month.

  5. lbarroso2:19 PM

    105.5 for the week. No complaints from me as I move up in the Fans of other group and still in first in my mini-league by approx. 180 pts.

  6. About exactly the same, 81.5 with almost all of it from Drogba and Rooney. Seems like I can't string two good weeks together this year at all. Midfield was a shambles with Reid and Dunn underperforming, and Ade's goose-egg was a killer. Given is also dead to me in a Scholes-like way now. I gave in and grabbed Kirkland at 1.64, and am going to spend on offense instead. I BD-ed Yayga, who is suddenly second only to Drogs in total score and SOTs, takes corners and some kicks, gets assists and some phantom points, and just might be becoming indispensable. He's at least a lot more predictable than the Bent/Defoe/Ade/Gabby types who always seem to get 2.5 points the week I decide to pick them. I may ride him, Rooney, and Drogs at least until ACN, and rotate the midfield according to matchups.

    I'm really bummed that I dumped Emerton at 6.02 to get Ade in this weekend. That may be a long-term mistake with the way he has been going lately, especially since there aren't many great options left at that price. I missed the boat on Baird too, and I really don't know what to do with defense other than just sit on Verm/Alexander at heavy discounts and rotate in Traore or Heiti or whoever I can afford in the 3rd slot, but those guys aren't exactly delivering lately at all. I wish there was a 1.00 filler option for one of those slots so I could at least spend the money elsewhere.

    Other than that, for next week I'm trying to decide among Cesc, Arshavin, Milner, Young, Taylor, etc for the MF, with O'Hara and Boateng as the two cheap BD-ed certainties. I wish I had diversified with Eagles instead of KPB, but I missed him due to Thanksgiving festivities.

  7. 108.5
    -Climbed to 670 overall.
    -I actually SOLD Hugo and grabbed EdS. Did that Cause I had Aquilini for 2 weeks and I'm going nuts watching him sit on the bench as a un-used sub.
    - If I had Kirkland at 1.64, I'd stick with him. Maybe for this week then BD Almunia who's price I'd expect to rise after playing Stoke (At Emirates too!)
    - Have Verm/Heit/Givet as defenders. Don't see that changing until an injury.
    - Super glad I went from Defoe/K2 to Rooney/Hugo.

  8. owen williams:
    almunia has to play @burnley and @liverpool the next week.-

  9. Anonymous3:41 PM

    My current team for next week looks like...

    I'm planning on keeping every single one of them unless there are injuries/Suspensions.

  10. A crowd pleasing 152 points.
    The front three clearly did the business for me.
    After a stuttering start (with lots of opportunities gone begging), my season has seemed to have finally kicked off.

    BD'd - Kirkland and Fabregas

    Struggling to find a decent cheap defender that won't cause me to get rid of anyone else.
    Trade Collison? What do you reckon?


  11. honduran saul, why bent? i have had no luck with him, especially away where sunderland only have 5 goals.

  12. Anonymous5:19 PM

    @greginho - I'm struggling with that decision myself. It's either Bent or Saha, Fulham don't seem to keep a clean sheet like they used to...even at home and the player scoring goals for Sunderland is Bent. On the other hand Saha has been pretty quiet lately but playing at home to Spurs. Any suggestions? I don't know if I'm making the right decision.

  13. Anonymous5:27 PM

    ...also, Bent has 20 SOT's and 10 goals already this season averaging 10.04 points a game, and at the price of 11.28. Don't know yet but if you can suggest a replacement at under 12 that would help.

  14. Bradley6:08 PM

    My midfield was rubbish. I wound up with 101 points thanks mostly to Drogba and Rooney. Not bad, but for a change, I would've been better off overthinking on a late Friday night. After making a bunch of changes, I was considering replacing Hennessey (what the hell was I thinking?) with Kirkland and Ireland (of the MIA Citizens of Manchester) with Eagles (had a feeling West Ham/Burnley would be a goal fest), but sadly, I resisted the impulse. I would've had another 31.5 points.

  15. carlton cole and and s fletcher from burnley are 2 that i am thinking of picking. i might add a 3rd forward and they will take lennon or dempsey's spot. i wish i had barddoored rodellega, though. i may also do franco, he is finally in the system.

  16. Anonymous6:38 PM

    @greginho - Rodallega would've been my first choice instead of Bent but I missed the BD. I, like yourself, have interest in Franco but he's playing United next match...definitely to consider on the BD though, he's playing Birmingham and Bolton after united (although away from home).

  17. Anonymous7:24 PM

    BD'd Fletcher and am sticking with Drogs and Rooney up top. Also keeping Billy, Jummy and O'Hara. Beyond that I am picking on matchups sometime Friday.

    Got fed up with locking in Given, Verm/Heit/Givet before last weekend, and while it hurt a little to see Givet produce as soon as I sold him off, I am enjoying the thought and possibility of "managing" my back 4 week in and week out.

    Side note: .25% of teams own Sol Campbell right now.

  18. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Liverpool need to show their worth against Blackburn and I want to bet on them, every single one of their players...question is, who da heck plays? I hope torres is out so that Ngog gets a chance...waht do you think?

  19. Anonymous5:53 AM

    I think Eduardo will get his 'touch' back this upcoming game against Stoke..
    so i'll bet on him..huhu
    hope i made the right decision..
    c'mon young gunners..

    -Don Cardon-

  20. J-son9:56 AM

    105.5 this week
    BD'ed drogba , Fabregas n boateng

  21. Did reasonably well once I had a look at all the other comments hre and the points they got.. my squad shipped in 111.5 pts mostly thanks to Roon, Stan, Duff, & Robbo. The rest ranged from pure duds to merely ok. JCole, Dunn, Old Man Graham, & Verms were poor, the Whinger bellamy gave me a big fat 0 while Reidy & Wes Brown did alright.