Injuries and Suspensions

Do you want to start, or should I? I don't know... is that a set of golf clubs over there?

More news and ruminations coming later, but for now here are a couple of quick links for you.

Yahoo!UK Team News
Yahoo!UK Choose 'em or Lose 'em
F365 News Roundup
SkySports Previews
BettingZone Previews


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    i pray that this is the last time you link us to that god awful choose em or lose em site!! :P

  2. Oh, it's fun reading if nothing else.

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    frazier campbell sure to start?

  4. Anonymous11:10 PM

    @Jeremy - Do you have any connections with Yahoo so that they can hurry up and add Gillermo Franco of West Ham? It seems lots of people are asking for him to be added but I don't think they, and by they I mean "The Fantasist" or Yahoo, don't seem to read the comments. By the way thanks for the great recommendations...since I started reading your blog, I have done better in the rankings. Also, reading Choose Em' Loose Em' is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Those guys don't know "mierda".

  5. Campbell isn't a sure starter. DBent is declaring himself fit and he could play in front of a midfield 5... Reid, Henderson, Cana, KRich and Malbranque.

    As for Yahoo!, we're pretty much on the outside, just like you. But I do know that they read the comments and they're always working to keep the game correct and up-to-date.

  6. Sold:

    Gonna jump back on EdS on the BD. I don't think Rooney will be this cheap again.

  7. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Owen, what happened to NO FRIDAY TRADES brotha? You might regret it!!! I only made one trade and that was sold Berbatov for Adebayor and I'm happy about it cause Berba isn't a sure starter. Everyone else I settled them in yesterday.

  8. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Well, Gibbs I understand as he is not a starter but you gotta believe in Rooney you gotta have him against pompey so not a bad trade. I myself would've had Defoe in my team but kinda missed the BD.

  9. deNazer12:30 AM

    Rooney or Drogba?

  10. Rooney/Drogs.
    If you're buying fresh: Rooney.
    1. PLaying a weaker opponent.
    2. BOTH coming back from injury, but Drogs played 90 mins against Porto on Wednesday. Might be tired for Sunday?! possible susbstitute?

    I grabbed Defoe on the BD, but it's great I have him at 12, but playing Aston Villa AT Villa park, won't be easy. but he is on fire.

    I make BD trades then leave my team till Friday night to find all news so I don't, for example, dump a player because i thought on Tuesday he is injured, but is actually fit to play the weekend. Prices don't generally chamge Tuesday-Friday.

    Keep an eye on Downing for Villa who's back from Injury. If the 07/08 Downing shows up he could be awesome value 9 goals in 38 games. Rather than the 08/09 Downing when he put up a goose egg for goals