Blog Roundtable

Talking Chelsea and two-gamers with my friend, and fantasy football newbie, Tundra United.  After the jump.

[14:49] Tundra United: Wait.
[14:49] Tundra United: Looking at your lists again...
[14:49] Tundra United: did you sell Drogs???
[14:49] Jeremy Spitzberg: waiting
[14:49] Jeremy Spitzberg: i haven't saved changes...
[14:49] Jeremy Spitzberg: but yes, that's the idea
[14:50] Tundra United: ahhh...I unsaved my changes. Starting over. Not so high on CHE now...if Drogs is out...and Lamps and Ballack and..
[15:05] Jeremy Spitzberg: jcole bargain of the week?
[15:05] Jeremy Spitzberg: or does he still find himself behind deco?
[15:05] Tundra United: at what price?
[15:05] Jeremy Spitzberg: 6-something
[15:06] Tundra United: Could be. But you're right: does he play?
[15:06] Tundra United: And do you really think Drogs is out? I
[15:06] Tundra United: I'm thinking he plays. He's a force of nature.
[15:06] Tundra United: I'm not making changes until Thursday for that reason.
[15:06] Jeremy Spitzberg: i'm waiting for more definitive news
[15:06] Jeremy Spitzberg: broken ribs aren't fun
[15:06] Tundra United: Although I am contemplating Schwarzer for Robbo.
[15:07] Tundra United: As well you know...but Drogs has better pain-killers than you had.
[15:07] Jeremy Spitzberg: it's the logical move...
[15:07] Jeremy Spitzberg: though if robbo does enough at $3...
[15:07] Jeremy Spitzberg: almost a waste of 7 bucks
[15:08] Tundra United: Yeah...I'm just concerned that he gets shelled in one of the games.
[15:08] Tundra United: AND...I'm counting on most of my MFers and FWs to do just that.
[15:08] Tundra United: So I'm kinda betting against myself with him in the net.
[15:09] Jeremy Spitzberg: hedge, or double down?
[15:09] Tundra United: potayto...potahto
[15:10] Tundra United: What about Jaasklainen? Home to Rovers...possible clean sheet.
[15:10] Tundra United: And same price as Schwarzer.
[15:11] Jeremy Spitzberg: maybe he'll save a PK
[15:11] Tundra United: And maybe he won't.
[15:11] Tundra United: But do we really think Schwarzer has a shot at a CS? Home to Rovers, @Birm?
[15:13] Jeremy Spitzberg: a shot, sure
[15:13] Tundra United: I'm also thinking that there's no point selling Drogs...I only get 10.76 for him.
[15:13] Tundra United: Replacement value is squat.
[15:13] Jeremy Spitzberg: but no, not sure it's worth the addtl $7
[15:13] Jeremy Spitzberg: now...
[15:13] Jeremy Spitzberg: where to spend that money is another issue
[15:13] Tundra United: Stop being so sensible.
[15:14] Jeremy Spitzberg: schwz/emerton to robbo/baines
[15:16] Tundra United: that's almost 1:1
[15:16] Tundra United: dollar (pound) wise
[15:16] Jeremy Spitzberg: wait... forgot i was still on kalou
[15:16] Jeremy Spitzberg: $2 shy of moving to the elk :-(
[15:17] Tundra United: emerton is interesting to me. DGer, low-cost, not many people have him...all good things.
[15:17] Jeremy Spitzberg: doesn't get any points is the downside
[15:17] Tundra United: I have his teammate, Givet, at .33 more.
[15:17] Tundra United: Yeah...for .33, I figure Givet is the play.
[15:19] Tundra United: Now Baines...lotta point potential there in two games. But...almost $12
[15:19] Jeremy Spitzberg: takes kicks
[15:19] Tundra United: And on road for both (ManU and Hull).
[15:19] Jeremy Spitzberg: i love them kick takers
[15:19] Tundra United: Gotz to kickz if ya wantz da pointz
[15:19] Jeremy Spitzberg: bellamy @ liv
[15:20] Jeremy Spitzberg: hmmm...
[15:20] Tundra United: Yeah...he's still in my lineup. I'm torn.
[15:20] Tundra United: Will the real Citeh please stand up???
[15:20] Jeremy Spitzberg: not anelka home to wolves
[15:20] Jeremy Spitzberg: but...
[15:20] Tundra United: Can Anelka do it on his own?
[15:21] Tundra United: Switching gears (and positions)...I ask again: Stephen Hunt.
[15:22] Tundra United: Discuss amongst ya'selves...
[15:22] Jeremy Spitzberg: i'm not sold
[15:22] Tundra United: me neither.
[15:22] Jeremy Spitzberg: seemingly bullard and geo in front of him for pts
[15:22] Tundra United: bullard perplexes me too thought
[15:22] Jeremy Spitzberg: kicks, etc
[15:22] Tundra United: though
[15:22] Jeremy Spitzberg: great fantasy player
[15:22] Jeremy Spitzberg: selfish as all hell
[15:22] Jeremy Spitzberg: ball hog, shoots from anywhere
[15:22] Tundra United: But 2x the $$$ of Hunt
[15:23] Jeremy Spitzberg: because of that
[15:23] Jeremy Spitzberg: just that he's been out for a year with a horrible knee injury
[15:23] Jeremy Spitzberg: not sold on hull in general
[15:23] Jeremy Spitzberg: but with 2 home games..
[15:23] Tundra United: Well, that too.
[15:23] Jeremy Spitzberg: not sure who plays what where w/ bullard healthy and geo back
[15:24] Jeremy Spitzberg: geo still off the striker with bullard behind?
[15:24] Tundra United: Geo burned me twice.
[15:24] Jeremy Spitzberg: ditto
[15:24] Jeremy Spitzberg: more than that dating back
[15:24] Jeremy Spitzberg: burned me when i had the opposing keeper
[15:24] Jeremy Spitzberg: then promptly went cold when i bought in
[15:24] Jeremy Spitzberg: i never learn
[15:25] Tundra United: But ya keep comin' back for more, don'tcha?!
[15:25] Jeremy Spitzberg: i always do
[15:25] Tundra United: Here's a squad no one's talking about right now: Spurs.
[15:25] Tundra United: Home to Wigan.
[15:25] Tundra United: Thoughts?
[15:25] Jeremy Spitzberg: what about West Ham at Hull?
[15:26] Tundra United: Thinkin' a little THudd might go a long way.
[15:26] Jeremy Spitzberg: collison ;-)
[15:26] Jeremy Spitzberg: hurt his knee...
[15:26] Jeremy Spitzberg: but if he's back...
[15:26] Jeremy Spitzberg: also they host burnley next
[15:26] Jeremy Spitzberg: CCole?
[15:26] Jeremy Spitzberg: if he's back?
[15:27] Tundra United: is a single-gaming FW worth 10.77?
[15:28] Tundra United: other than, say an RVP, Rooney, Torres (no counting injury, of course)
[15:28] Jeremy Spitzberg: shortage of good 2x game FW
[15:28] Jeremy Spitzberg: Saha...
[15:28] Tundra United: Clearly.
[15:28] Jeremy Spitzberg: [crickets]
[15:28] Tundra United: Saha seems the obvious one;
[15:28] Jeremy Spitzberg: yak?
[15:28] Jeremy Spitzberg: zamora a value pick
[15:28] Jeremy Spitzberg: roberts or disanto
[15:29] Tundra United: Yes, 2-gamers all...but all on the road.
[15:29] Tundra United: Is that really two games?
[15:30] Jeremy Spitzberg: JVoH?
[15:30] Jeremy Spitzberg: Jozy?
[15:30] Tundra United: AIIIEIIEIIEEEEE!
[15:30] Tundra United: JVoH????
[15:30] Tundra United: STEP AWAY FROM YOUR MACHINE
[15:30] Jeremy Spitzberg: don't make my type it out
[15:31] Jeremy Spitzberg: just listing the options
[15:31] Tundra United: That's no option.
[15:31] Tundra United: None.
[15:31] Tundra United: Zero, zip, zilch.


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I'm contemplating switching:
    so, so close to hitting the "save team changes" button but I'm not sure. Jeremy...please heeeelp!!! I think the second option is good cause they'll all be surely playing, right? But I guess I should definitely wait until after international games are over...injuries and so. ahhh, sigh!!!

  2. I for one am definatly not getting rid of drogba, or at least waiting for some solid news. The alternatives are not very appealing, selling him without anything solid, in my eyes, would be committing fantasy football suicide, might as well call it a day.

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I sold Drogba!!! He'll be off to the ACN in a month and we'll be going through the same thing again...I said enough drama, can't stand it. Question is...did I just make a smart call, or did I commit suicide, as moore stated previously. Awww well, what's done is done...I'll whine and live with it if it comes down. Besides, selling him for Eduardo left me spare change to upgrade to Baines so it can't all be that bad.

  4. Davy boy Moore, not sure if I'm with you on the Drogs shout...we'll see, I'm going see the what the next couple of days brings on the injury report..I just can't go on injury news from the Sun. Honduran Saul, I wish I had your guts! But I just don't know what to do with Drogs!! Another dilemma is these Double gamer dudes?? Do you go for them lock stock and barrel, or do you go with the obv match-ups?

  5. JVoH! take the plunge!

  6. I am definately waiting for news on Drogs. Will do changes on friday or early sat. morning even.

  7. Anonymous3:11 AM

    I have the funds to straight swap Drogba for Anelka...if he is confirmed out this week I'm going to pull the trigger. At least the big injuries this week will mean more variation in team selection.

  8. Anonymous7:41 AM

    where did the Ballack out rumour come from, he is in my team as of now?


  10. I have a funny feeling that all this broken rib business is/was a ploy to get out of a seemingly pointless int friendly on Drogba's part. I too have broken rib(s) and when he returned to the game after the Evans Chuck Norris impression he didn't look as uncomfortable as a broken ribbed man should be. For this first bit of injury scare I'm waiting out the news like all of you and leaning on keeping him in. The AFN Cup is a different story though.

  11. The best part is he got a yellow card for said mentioned 'Evans CHuck Norris impression'.

  12. Anonymous12:35 PM


    Didier Drogba will not play again before mid-December!! He has 4 broken ribs.

    Sell him NOW, don't forget to save team changes!

  13. Anonymous6:15 PM

    JVoH, duff-man's going to be knackered..really putting in the minutes Internationally. The Sun is definatly a dubious source, hopefully something will come to light soon. Who's going to be the chelsea pick?

  14. Anonymous1:28 PM

    On the Chelsea pick...I'd say Deco, takes kicks/corners. Take it or leave it...I myself have a dillema, Deco/Giovanni or Roberts/Dempsey?