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We've known it was coming for a while and now it appears to be official according to people all over the world wide webs.  The mysterious Liverpool summer in which they stockpile central midfielders and fail to address their core needs (LB, CB, and both wings).  It really leaves you wondering, doesn't it?

I like Adam as a player and he's certainly better than Henderson is right now.  That said, I'm not sure he's better than Meireles.  Whether he's better than Gerrard depends on which Gerrard shows up this year.  None of the above are better than Gerrard at his best but all of them might be better than broken-down, injury-plagued Gerrard.  Assuming that the Liverpool captain is somewhere in-between those two models coming into the new season, I have a hard time guessing where he falls in the pecking order.  One thing we do know is that unless he's physically unable to go, politics at Liverpool are such that he'll be in the line-up regardless of where age/injury have left his ability to perform. 

So what next for Liverpool? Does this signal the end of Meireles in red? (If Fab4 is leaving Arsenal they could do far worse than Meireles as a short term replacement while they're waiting for Ramsey, Wilshere, and the next young guy Wenger buys to grow into their prime.  Just a random thought but one I suspect will find its way into the gossip rags soon enough.  Alternatively, he'd be a great buy/exchange for Villa is they can't keep hold of Downing.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    new alonso. top 4 guaranteed

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  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    This buy may not have been what is required for the club but I think 8 million pounds for a player of his caliber is a bargain. If he can just get a few games under his belt and show some promise, they might be able to sell him to another club for more than double...this reasoning is by considering previous comments from Liverpool owners re:Buying young players cheap and selling for more.


  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    On another note -

    How lacking, futol-listically speacking, is the Copa America? To be honest I saw better futbol played in the Copa Oro and that's says a lot considering you have players like Messi, Tevez, Lavezzi, Aguero, Alexis Sanchez, and many other top class big names playing for the best in Europe. Now I'd like to point out as well Messi's contribution thus far in the tournament, which has been extremely lackluster, and the attitude he is showing for his national team which I'd never seen from him before. Could it be that without the "Holy Trinity" in Busquets, Xavi, and Iniesta, Messi is just not as effective? Would love some opinions/arguments to the matter, but note that I'm not an expert...just think it's an interesting topic to maybe bring into the playfield.


  5. @Saul - solid point about the Copa America. It hasn't been much to watch. Brazil and Argentina have been shadows of the talent that we all know they have on their respective rosters. The big names playing for smaller countries have also been pretty weak. Not sure why that is.

    Messi is indeed the biggest mystery of all. My sense is that the new coach is off to a rocky start and that could be the thing causing them to underperform.

    We're also at a point where there is a marked lack of #10's in South America. Most of the headliners are forwards or wingers who by their nature tend to require someone to set them up. In the absence of the Xavi/Iniesta-like forces pulling the strings even the best attackers can look lost. I'm very interested to see how things progress.

  6. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Good point regarding the lack of #10 in South America. Argentina used to rely on Veron and Riquelme, specially, and there really hasn't been anyone to step in recently. They might have that kind of player already in Pastore but who knows if the coach will ever give him a chance. It's sad to see a team with so much attacking power playing with 3 holding midfielders in Cambiasso, Mascherano, and what's his name but we'll see.


  7. the #10 is a rare breed and so is an out and out striker or goal scorer. everyone are hybrid players. messi and christiano ronaldo are midfielders that have been pushed up by various coaches, but for some reason that talent does not show up on the national team.

    i think a major problem with argentina and brasil is that they have new coaches that are set in their ways. brasil fired dunga for have a 4-3-3 with two defensive midfielders. so the new coach, menezes did not pay attention and fields a 4-3-3 with 2 def. mids. with only 4 attackers on any given play, andre santos and dani alves are expected to join in the attack, but they both were resposible for paraguays goals. brasil only has 2 #10s, in lucas and ganso, and no out and out scorers. menezes left one of the best mids at home, hernanes. if the coach would drop ramires for lucas, brasil would dominate.

    argentina has no #10s. messi is playing like robinho and neymar. they are all wingers that are expected to score. so far no goals between them all. tevez and messi do not seem to be able to understand their roles, in that offense. argentinas lack of creative midfielders is stiffelling the team.

    i would love to see argentina and brasil not make the quarterfinals because these coaches are horrible. brasil will have a reality check and get someone who is not afraid to have an open attack. the defense for brasil is its strongest part, so they need to play more up tempo. argentina need to get someone to save the horrible defense of argentina, as well as and average midfield.

  8. also i mentioned this beforehand, but ganso is too slow to keep up with the really fast front line of brasil.

  9. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Good analysis Greginho and Neal, sometimes you wonder if the coaches are looking to fail.

    EbiGood analysis Greginho and Neal, sometimes you wonder if the coaches are looking to fail.


  10. When will the 2011/2012 Yahoo Fantasy Game be set up? We need to start sourcing for bargain before the season begins..
    Hope Arsene will learn some lessons this season!!

  11. First of all,I agree with you on the Meireles point of view. But I think some of the reasons why Dalgish has signed alot of MF players is because he will be looking to play 4-5-1 away from home. With Suarez as a winger with Downing on the other side and gerrard plying attacking mf with carrol in front, with Adam/hendeerson/Lucas playing siting MF. And I dont think Daglish will sell Meireles. If so the sum will be 15-20 million, so they can strenghten the defence.