Stewart Downing to Liverpool

Liverpool have completed (I understand) a £20 million move for Aston Villa's Stewart Downing, solving their need for a left-winger. My first thoughts on the deal:

Could Villa get Lucas, Spearing and/or Shelvey in part return for Downing? Villa need to replace Reo-Coker and retire Petrov. #needsless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


  1. already having nightmares about my first team choices for the first week....

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    suarez carroll
    downing adam lucas gerrard

    that's not bad. everyone with a job. that's a new approach on merseyside

  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I hate to say this (as a 'Pool fan) but, 20m+9m+20...thats ~50m my friends (and yes, I know you could do the math yourselves =))...I just can't help to think that WE ARE PAYING OVER THE ODDS for some not-quite-top-players, and it worries me...!!!

    AdJo would have been a better choice, and I am very certain he'd cost less than Downing.

    Anyway, I quite like Liverpool's team-sheet now, but I'd like to see some dead-wood chopped off (yes, I'm looking at you Cole/Maxi/Ngog/Kyrg)...!!!

    Cheers (to the future)

  4. No Henderson in the lineup? thats a lot of cash sitting on the bench.
    I think 'Pool could push for title...

  5. No Henderson, Kuyt or Miereles. And will Gerrard consent to playing on the right-side of midfield?

  6. DasBoot_87:45 PM

    This signing gives 'Pool a lot of options to play in midfield and affords them the luxury of keeping Gerrard fit and fresh for the bigger games. King Kenny & Comolli may be spending over the odds on these players, but they are also setting the team up for the future with young, proven talent. I'd like to see Poulsen, N'Gog and Kyrgiakos shed from the ranks, but players like Maxi and Joe Cole still have a place in the squad for me, especially the latter after his first pre-season performance. Can't wait to see the different permutations of the lineup.

  7. As a fantasy manager, I'm TERRIFIED of "the different permutations of the lineup." It's going to make selecting a winning fantasy team just that much harder.

    Though it might make the need for a top-notch fantasy blog even greater. ;-)

  8. No kidding... where can I find one of those? :)

  9. As for the Downing signing, I love it. I think it's the first one we really needed, actually. I'd still like to see another winger come in - for the right side now. Henderson and Adam both baffle me - unless Henderson is ear-marked for the right wing. And unless there is yet a mass midfield exodus to come. Comolli seemed to say so in a Soccernet article, so we'll see. I'd be fine with shedding Cole, Poulsen, Jovanovic, Aquilani, Pacheco, and Maxi - that's 6 midfielders we just don't need.

    I see us in a 3-5-2 next year:

    Carroll Suarez
    Downing Lucas (deep/defensive) Gerrard Adam Kuyt (on the wing)
    Kelly Carragher Jonhson
    Reina (duh)

    Henderson comes in/starts for Lucas or Gerrard or Adam as needed, or plays as a winger for Kuyt if Kuyt has to fill-in for striker (did brilliant at it last year).

  10. Geoff, with that line-up you'd be looking at team that would have to score big because they'd give up lots of goals. LOTS of goals!

    Carragher is older and slower every year, Kelly is a converted fullback just coming into his own, and GJohnson would be getting in Kuyt's way rather than defending.

  11. Anonymous12:55 AM

    I think it'll be a 4-3-3,
    Mid: Lucas/Gerrard/Adam/Henderson/Meireles
    Attk: Suarez/Kuyt/Carroll/Downing/Henderson

    Steve Clarke's a pretty progressive tactician.. given the success of 4-3-3 in recent years (see Germany circa 2010 World Cup)- I don't expect Pool to play 4-4-2 all the time. Esp if you see how pool played 2nd half of last season.

    Having said that... even with a 4-4-2, Adam can play a left-sided "Beckham" type wide-middie while Downing plays right-wing like what he does in Villa.

    Interesting to see how it all plays out... I long to see Gerrard back in a DM role. I think that is actually his most natural position.

  12. Anonymous4:08 AM

    don't think carroll will be first team somehow. 4231 with gerrard and lucas holding, kuyt, adam and downing and suarez up front. hard to tell.

  13. However you look at it Liverpool are going to have a very very expensive bench. We could easily see Henderson and Carrol on the bench, thats 55 million pounds on just two players sitting there.

    All I can imagine is that we going to see huge squad rotation week to week at Liverpool.

    Oh and lol @ Geoffs defence.

  14. Anonymous11:34 AM

    At Carroll's price I don't see how he can't be first team. Plus he's why you just bought Downing.

  15. I'd have to say you're all correct on the defense - I was just trying to fit in as many defenders as possible. Carra's speed matters less when he's playing the center. Kelly was great when he was healthy. Maybe punt one of the mids and bring Agger in as a defender?

    I just don't see how we're going to make use of all the money we spent...

  16. Not defenders - fit in as many midfielders as possible.