Hernandez Doubt for Season Start

Manchester United's Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez spent Tuesday night in the hospital after suffering a "mild concussion" in training. Now, according to Sir Alex Ferguson, he'll miss matches over the next few weeks.
Although medical staff found no major damage, Ferguson has confirmed the Mexico forward will not play for a couple of weeks, even though he will continue to train and remain on tour.

"He got concussion in training and we dealt with that," said Ferguson. "We took him to hospital, he had a scan, it was all clear.

"He is back in the hotel. He is in his room and will be out for a couple of weeks.
I would expect that he's out of any pre-season match, including next week's Charity Community Shield derby. But for Premier League fantasy, this must make him doubtful for the August 14 opener at West Brom. At best he'll be a "game-time decision", be "given every opportunity to prove his fitness", or, my favorite, "face a late fitness test".

While I would expect to see Berbatov step right into the starting role, it would be interesting to see Rooney as a lone forward with blog-favorite Ashley Young (BFAY) playing off him. Young played that role to some mixed success at Villa. That would allow both Nani and Valencia to get on the field in support of the attack. But more importantly, again for fantasy Premier League managers, it would mean that BFAY was +10 for the opening week - a midfielder playing forward and taking set-pieces. I couldn't be more excited!


  1. FlyingHamster12:50 PM

    But Young is expensive. Both Nani and Rooney will nick set pieces off him. VdV seems a better option in relation to the price, especially considering that Everton had always been late starters. Chicarito, on the other hand, is comparatively cheap, so I wish him a swift recovery.

  2. Chicarito will play at the start of the season it's just the usual pre season hype!