Abou Diaby sidelined for 10 weeks

As an update to our earlier post:

BBC Sport - Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby sidelined for 10 weeks
Midfielder Abou Diaby will miss the start of Arsenal's season after having ankle surgery during the summer.

Diaby, 25, has been troubled by the injury since the end of last season and was absent from the club's summer tour of Asia and a training camp in Germany.

Manager Arsene Wenger expects Diaby to miss league matches against Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester United.
First of all, that's a really rough run of games to start the season for Arsenal. It certainly makes me rethink Gervinho, regardless of cost and Robin van Persie, regardless of how freakin' amazing he was last season.

Second, it goes to the point about Diaby that he's just not reliable because of injuries. Talented, yes. Consistent, not in the least.

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  1. it makes it hard to sell an injured player unless liverpool is buying, just look at aquilani and carroll