Gerrard out until September, at least

Steven Gerrard was ruled out until September due to an infection related to his groin injury.

Liverpool's captain has not played since the 3-1 win over Manchester United at Anfield on 6 March, but had been expected to recover in time for the club's first Premier League game. However, the club have revealed that Gerrard is now undergoing a course of antibiotic treatment in hospital, where he will remain "for several days".

Gerrard will miss at least three Premier League matches – against Sunderland, Arsenal and Bolton Wanderers – plus England's friendly against Holland on 10 August.
I hate to beat a dead horse, but that only leaves Miereles, Lucas, Henderson, Aquilani, Sheveley, Spearing and Poulsen competing for two spots. King Kenny is going to have to earn his crown this season.


  1. Anonymous2:15 AM

    I think Adam will start then. I think Adam will start then.

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  3. Signed Adam before his price went up, so am very happy with this news.

  4. I think it actually makes King Kenny's job easier. Liverpool, IMO, played better without Gerrard last season. Miereles was a revelation and Lucas played his best season too.
    So I think it is better for liverpool that Gerrard is out.