Torres To Cost Bookies Thousands?

via Football365:
Sky Bet are praying that Fernando Torres fails to find the net tonight at Anfield after running up a six-figure liability on an enhanced goalscorer special, which will be landed if the Spaniard scores against Aston Villa.

Going into the weekend, the Harrogate-based bookie offered enhanced odds of 20/1 for Wayne Rooney, Emmanuel Adebayor, Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres all to score in their respective matches and with three-quarters of the accumulator already weighed in, Sky Bet - along with some 2,000 customers - are anxiously waiting to see if the Reds striker will do the business.
How did that turn out for them? ;-)
GOAL!! Insua bursts into the Villa box and toe-pokes a ball across to Torres, who fires into the roof of the net! Game on!
71:41 GOAL - Fernando Torres
Liverpool 1 - 2 Aston Villa
Fernando Torres grabs a goal from inside the penalty area to the top right corner of the goal. Liverpool 1-2 Aston Villa.
72: GOAL LIVERPOOL - TORRES. Game on. Voronin does well to hold play up. He sends Insua scampering into the box and his cross is volley home into the roof of the net by Torres. Is the comeback on?


  1. That should read "Torres cost bookies a few thousands of pounds of the millions bookmakers made off the two recent Burnley wins."

  2. hi, just looking for some ideas/help with my team? if not thats fine

    at the moment i'm sittin on #704 overall, which is fairly incredible for me. 105 points this week.

    gw 3: I'm looking at this. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    verm wilkinson alexander
    lampard lennon milijas gomez
    torres drogba altidore.

    most of those are nailed on, but I'm not sure about alexander or altidore. any suggestions for alternatives?

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