Matchday Open Thread

My apologies today - I'm not going to be able to host our live chat due to the presence of my in-laws and the need to spend time with them while they are here. As neither of them are big footie fans, that lends itself more to brunch and the like as opposed to sitting in front of the big TV, watching whatever match is on, and them being curious about what it is I'm doing on these here Internets.

Enjoy the international break and check in frequently with the blog for all the news and opinions you'll need to get ready for the next match-week.

Oh, and by the way, Rooney getting 8 little points in a ManYoo win was about the worst possible outcome from yesterday. One final note, one of our loyal readers/chatters (I don't remember who) pointed out that Jamie O'Hara (on loan from Pompey to Spurs Spurs to Pompey) is likely a great bargain for next week. Worth watching today or at least checking stats to see what positions they put him in (i.e., does he take kicks, does he start).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...



  1. k2! first good decision I've made this season.

  2. and richards doesn't make the magic 75 min mark. that's a blow.

  3. as for O'Hara... I wonder if 'arry can recall him from loan as Modric has broken his leg. Surely he would be the most likely to replace the Croatian in the lineup.

  4. Shayan10:22 AM

    @ Jeremy - right with you.... MRich and Ireland being subbed early.... Mark Hughes (much like American footy coach Herm Edwards) plays to win the game

    I was the O'hara tipster but it looks as if neither he nor Kevin "Ghetto Kid" Prince Boateng made the squad. Both were Friday transfers so we'll have to wait and see on them. Pompey played a 5 man MF (at home) today with guys like Smith, Hughes and Brown who O'Hara could easily step in for.

  5. @Shayan, LOL for the Herm quote! I like O'Hara, but sure would like him better on the left for Spurs. Besides, Pompey's best players - Kranc and Belhadj - are already left-sided. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

  6. @Jeremy - Perhaps you're right and Spurs will recall him. Check this out (from Spurs website):
    Luka latest

    X-rays have determined that Luka Modric sustained a fracture to his right fibula during Saturday's victory over Birmingham City at White Hart Lane.

    The Croatian international was forced to withdraw from the action in the 49th minute and was replaced by goalscorer Peter Crouch.

    I still fancy Nico to slide over to the right or adopt a central attacking role to accommodate O'Hara... they're seriously awful and need to fit whatever quality in their squad on the pitch in any way possible.

  7. Does Scharner own Everton or what?

  8. Rowndabout from England1:19 PM

    I dropped Adebayour for Rooney yesterday. After Rooneys dismal scoring and Adebayours stormer I hope I dont regret it in the coming weeks!

    O'Hara didn't make it to the bench for Pompey. Think I will wait and see before including him.

  9. Anonymous3:39 PM

    If O'hara is not recalled any ideas who would replace Modric in the lineup?

  10. @anonymous Could it be Bale or Naughton?

  11. Bale is still hurt and supposedly being loaned to Newcastle, though I have no idea why as he always looks dangerous and plays killer crosses in from the wing when they play him. It's not his fault that Spurs were a mess when he got a chance to play and the media grabbed hold of that ridiculous Spurs-can't-win-when-Bale-plays story. I would also think that Bentley would be quality enough coming inside from the left flank, which is pretty much what Modric did anyway, but he's evidently deep, deep in the doghouse. Gio also looked very quality this summer in Concacaf play, so he's a possible option too. Or they could drop Keane deeper. In other words, they've got plenty of options. I don't really see why O'Hara should be ahead of any of those guys, but 'arry works in mysterious ways.

  12. how about dindane for nextweek game?
    is he a good bargain?

  13. Richard Pitts7:12 AM

    My team was Given, Vermo, Wilko, SeaBass, Miljas, Gomes, Lamps, Nani, Hunt, Defoe, Droggers. After a 55 point week 2, 91 is back to respectability.

    Defoe getting a big fat zero turned what could have been a great week into an average one.

    I barn-doored Adebayor as I think after the internationals he will be looking to stick it to Arsenal big-style. Any suggestions as to how I can get another 2 points to upgrade Lamps to Gerard would be seriously appreciated.

  14. Anonymous10:25 AM

    @ Richard Pitts. I have no idea what your line-up is with Adebayor nowor even at what discounts you have the players, but assuming the midfield is the same I'd say goodbye to either Miljas or Gomez (in that order) and show some love to Rodwell. Returned double his value this past weekend and still priced at 4.71