TOTally SUNk

1516: GOAL Tottenham 0-1 Sunderland
It's the first goal of the 1500 GMT kick-offs and it comes from the most unexpected of sources - a Sunderland player. Dean Whitehead is that man and his fierce free-kick is an absolute gem into the top corner.
I have Dawson and Lee (not to mention Carrick, Jenas, and Mido) in my team this week!


  1. Chris O.9:47 PM

    Well your despair was a wee bit premature in this case.

  2. Perhaps. Could have used 10pts from those clean sheets. Same for GNeville. But the goals from Carrick and Mido were nice. Even Jenas came out okay. No Gerrard though. Where the hell did THOSE points come from?

  3. Chris O.10:20 AM

    Defender CS's are only worth 4 points apiece these days, so a match winner from Carrick is a much better deal at the end of the road. Gerrard -- 3 SOT's, 7 crosses, 3 corners worn, so there are 19 points right there.

  4. okay, 8pts. still every little bit helps.

    Gerrard had a monster game. Liverpool dominated Wigan and he was everywhere!

  5. Check the stats, folks.

    Although Yahfool says CS = 4pts only, they're still awarding 5 as per last season.

    One perfect check is the Man City home game v Everton where Sun Jihai came on in injury time and got 5pts for the CS.