"Expert" analysis ahead of Liverpool/Chelsea

buttonmoulder: huth finished up top for chelsea in the match last year after mourinho figured out 75 minutes in that his forwards and middies were not getting anywhere near the crosses with the three foot hight difference across the board
JSpitzberg: isn't jose supposed to know all that ahead of time
buttonmoulder: yeah, but he expected to use speed around the sides and carragher did a great job of shutting that down
buttonmoulder: so chealsea resorted to deeper crosses and liverpool was content to keep bopping them back out all afternoon
JSpitzberg: you just used carragher and speed in the same sentence
buttonmoulder: yeah
JSpitzberg: with out the phrase "lack of"
buttonmoulder: he wasn't speedy, but he got in the right places to stop the speedy folk down
buttonmoulder: just timed things right. like a scholes tackle, just three seconds sooner
JSpitzberg: lol
buttonmoulder: so we are back to where we were last year, except that liverpool now averages a foot taller with Crouch in the lineup and a stronger midfield
buttonmoulder: i still think chelsea should be able to run around them, but that didn't stop me from being wrong last year
JSpitzberg: but he's pretty lousy with his head for a tall man
buttonmoulder: agreed

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