Monday Morning Manager

Of the two on the right competing for the ball, which one of these is the next Viera?
The Manager is back, and singing the same old song. Bolton are fantasy killers. How many times do I have to say it? No one, not even the mighty Arsenal, put (fantasy) points on them.

The EPL is reverting to type elsewhere and everywhere. Chelsea snuck past Boro with a 1-0 win, even with the stylings of Duff and Robben on the wings. And as it was several times last year, it was Terry providing the goal from a Duff corner. Fantasy managers have to wonder if Lampards points are going to be shared around now that the full Chelsea squad is healthy again.

Maybe Gerrard is a better option? At least he was this past weekend when he was still valued under $20 (what is he now?) and facing a Wigan side who while good value for their league position, are not able to compete with the top half of the table on a regular basis. Liverpool simply CRUSHED them and Gerrard was the hub of every Liverpool attack and the destruction of every Wigan foray. A great performance from him, and worthy of his 22pts.

"I get to hug me Santa's elf next! It's good luck!"
ManU continue to stroll through this relatively easy part of their schedule. But they look the team of old who won the games they had to win. And won convincingly. And now from a fantasy perspective, they are 2-gamers, home to both Everton and Wigan. Time to figure out whom you can afford and in RvN's case, whether or not it is worth having him on your team (depending on the $) when he is suspended for the Eve match.

As a note, West Ham, Wigan and Everton are the other teams with 2 matches this week. So happy shopping.

Speaking of Everton (and isn't the Manager just the king of seques this morning?) they are on a roll of their own, Saturday beating Blackburn 2-0. Blackburn have to be diappointed not to have taken care of business at home, especially coming off a morale boosting, come-from-behind win at Charlton in the League Cup. Back to square one for a very inconsistent side, and more "upwards and onwards" from an improving Everton.

Enjoy WHU-BRM tonight. As the Manager is without a rooting or fantasy interest in the match, here's hoping for an ugly, nil-nil draw with more cards than shots. Weather permitting.

Til next week.
The Manager

PS. How bad is Charlton these days? They got killed by a Citeh side fielding a midfield quartet of Sun Jihai, Joey Barton, Claudio Reyna, and Trevor Sinclair. Not bad players, but hardly cavalier attackers. Did Charlton miss the suspended Kishishev that much? Does Sunderland fancy a win next weekend? Not to beat Neal's dead horse, but maybe Charlton should buy Dean Ashton.

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