Expert Analysis: Tottenham v Portsmouth

buttonmoulder: woohoo! miracles 8 points from jenas
buttonmoulder: back to third
JSpitzberg: ;-)
JSpitzberg: good day
JSpitzberg: let's hope it continues tomorrow
buttonmoulder: no kidding
buttonmoulder: and mido got 21
JSpitzberg: told you he had a 20pt game
buttonmoulder: i would be fine if tomorrow gets fogged out
buttonmoulder: indeed
JSpitzberg: undersold carrick though
JSpitzberg: 10.5
JSpitzberg: he's like jenas...
JSpitzberg: only better
buttonmoulder: ha
buttonmoulder: had jenas from the week before
buttonmoulder: carrick probably would have been a good bet what with the corners and all
buttonmoulder: but wasn't convinced it was worth the bother
buttonmoulder: jenas did get a free kick, but put it just wide of the post
buttonmoulder: would have evened them up
buttonmoulder: though, to be honest, i have no idea what jenas got the 8 points for
buttonmoulder: the stats are all there in black and white
buttonmoulder: i just don't recall him doing any of it
JSpitzberg: ha
JSpitzberg: that's why they're called phantom points
buttonmoulder: rednapp is flipping out over the PK
buttonmoulder: i bet it is all for show
buttonmoulder: fire up the team and all
JSpitzberg: he's on their side
buttonmoulder: first of all, you lost 3-1
JSpitzberg: he's quite the showman
buttonmoulder: plus i think it was a valid PK
buttonmoulder: at first glace, i figured it was harsh since it was a shot into the wall
JSpitzberg: in super slo mo it looked like he flung out a wing
buttonmoulder: but the replays showed it as a shot just left of the wall and his arm was raised and then kind of held for an awkward moment
buttonmoulder: not really natural movement
buttonmoulder: he may not have conciously thought about it
buttonmoulder: but it wasn't just his jump
buttonmoulder: definately enough there for a pk if you ask me
JSpitzberg: no, he turned his fore-arm...
JSpitzberg: back...
JSpitzberg: and to the left
buttonmoulder: back, and to the left
buttonmoulder: rednapp says he asked the lad and he says he didn't raise his arm
buttonmoulder: well what do you think he is going to say

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