Interesting Speculation To Kick Off The Week

Soccer: Is Drogba headed to MLS? - ESPN

Even more interesting in this article where "well-placed sources" indicate that Drogba's representatives have feelers out about joining MLS is the fact that MLS's "major market teams" were listed as New York Red Bulls, LA Galaxy, and Seattle Sounders.  Huh? I know Seattle is a reasonable-sized city and the fan support is exceptional but calling Seattle a major market on par with New York and LA seems pretty silly.  Even more so for a writer who is apparently out of NYC. 

It would be very interesting to see Drogba come to MLS although I have a hard time believing that he will venture State-side only two seasons removed from being the run-away leading scorer in the Premier League.  I'd expect one more contract - maybe two years in length - somewhere in Europe before he heads this way.  Maybe I'm wrong but if Real Madrid is willing to pay to have K2 on their roster then I can't imagine they wouldn't much rather have Drogba as a replacement once the K2 loan runs out. 

I will say that I do enjoy the mere fact that this article wasn't laughed out of the building immediately.  Certainly a sign of something good for MLS even if I don't believe it will come true.


  1. Seattle isn't a "major market" in the normal sense of the word, but on soccer terms in the U.S., they are. Seattle has led the league in attendance since their first match.

  2. Kellz7:09 PM

    The last thing Didier Drogba wants to do is become a Shittle Flounder. We dominated the league attendence in the USL, and now we Timbers Army will show the MLS what true supporters look and sound like!

  3. poor columbus crew never gets any of the international studs. they won a lot having an unknown with scheletto. i think it is unfair to not divide the superstars up evenly.