Barn Door Team

Here we go again.

My barn door team after the weekend looks like this:

Progressive changes (regressive possibly, I'll leave that to you) after the jump.

Looking at the team, my first instinct was to get Cech. That required enabling at the forward spot with RSC (thanks to Y!AM for the heads up on that one) which also allowed me to pick up Lampard.  That's another good Chelsea pick in a week when they have two great matches.  That also leaves me with money in the bank.  Not enough to do anything with, but enough that I feel like I should do something with it.

However, and here's where I start really over-thinking things, I don't trust Torres after yesterday's Champions League debacle. So to get Drogba, I've got to drop Cech. That means I have to do even more enabling... Ramires to Benayoun and Lampard to Theo.

I don't hate these moves, but of course, these are exactly the type of trade that gets me into trouble.  I try to beat the market and that rarely works out.

Maybe there's a version where I drop Theo and move back to Cech?  Stay tuned.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    The team without Torres is the best option.

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    ...With Howard in goal.

  3. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Its too early for Yosi!

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Go with your 2nd option, take Cech from goal, and add Kingston for something like 2.20 (blackpool has Wiggan @ blackpool.) This allows you to buy a real striker, possiably Suarez or someone of that stature.

    Lamps in midfield scares me, he hasn't been the same since his groin problem

  5. Dan C4:42 PM

    I like the last team, but I'm not convinced by Phillips.

    I think RSC is a great buy this week, especially if it allows you to get Drogba and van Persie, and presumably upgrade Ferguson.

  6. kellz5:39 PM

    Gotta say I am on friedel luiz kolarov aurelio heiti lampard larsson yossi drogba torres rvp

    Actually kinda happy with it.

  7. Bradley6:20 PM

    I'm having the same sort of "To Cech or not to Cech?" debate with myself. Unfortunately, this week is an exercise in figuring out how to properly unbalance your team. Get it right and the sky's the limit, but get it wrong...

  8. nicolas6:22 PM

    Drogba is a great pick this week, but when u pick him u should sacrifice a lot of players. in my opinion u should balance more the team to get rid of ramires and bary ferguson. i have chech on goal and i think you should stick to him, what about getting anelka instead, he is a good pick, not as much as drogba but at least u balance the team.

  9. nmrsfc8:01 PM

    Cech out but another a bit cheaper defender in.
    Lampard is pointless but I'm keeping him too. Drogba and Ramires good choices.
    Benayoun, too early, I agree, 90 minutes in total or less.

  10. Cech

    Tempted to play 3-4-3, bringing in Drogba who'll replace the benched Tevez, dropping VdV and upgrading somewhere in midfield.

    I should mention I'm not playing the Y! game but on ...

  11. Anonymous12:38 AM

    I have Cech at 13.94 . . . Kingson 3.07 . . . Howard 3.9

    Will Cech score 4.5 times as much? . . . 3.4 as much?

    My opinion on scores:
    Cech = 2wins or 1win/1draw, 1or2 CS, 4-6 saves, 1GA = 20 - 28 points (his average is 8.26)
    Kingson = 1win/draw/loss, doubtful CS, 3-4 saves, 1or2 GA = 4 - 9 points (with chance of lower score) (his average is 2.83 and much lower if you take away his early success)
    Howard = 1win or draw, 50-50 CS, 2 saves, 1GA = 4 - 14 points

    Cech is by far the "safer" of the two picks.... just my opinion

  12. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Over-thinking is contagious! Look at all these suggestions!

    Jeremy, I think you need to just stick to your guts and not forget that there's a reason why you, Neal and Nik write blogs and the rest of us.

    You've played this game long enough to know that over-thinking never pays.

    So there, stick to 'em guts.


  13. Anonymous3:34 AM

    *the rest of us don't.



  14. Anonymous3:59 AM

    I am confused in zs DG specially drogoba and Tores i Will drop both of them

  15. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I'd like to hear some opinions on how Chelsea is going to be rotating defenders next week. Is this a realistic ranking of minutes:
    1. Cole
    2. Terry
    3. Luiz
    4. Ivanovic
    5. Alex
    6. Bosingwa
    7. Ferreira