Barn Door Watch

We're back to one match per team next week and have some big clashes at the top as an added bonus.  Arsenal host Manchester United and Chelsea host Spurs.  I generally go a bit overboard in avoiding clashes at the top and given what I've seen from Arsenal at home and United on the road, I'm pretty inclined to continue that pattern with that match.  Chelsea are more attractive hosting Spurs in my mind because Chelsea are scoring more and Spurs are wilting against strong attacks as the season winds down.

In other match-ups I'll be anticipating...
  • The big opportunity is Citeh hosting West Ham - I don't know if Tevez has a chance to be back for this one but seems likely that Citeh will score some goals in this one.  I'll definitely be looking at Johnson, Silva, Balotelli, etc. on the BD
  • The second match-up that catches my eye is Liverpool hosting NUFC.  I'm never quite sure what to make of NUFC but you have to like Carroll's chances of terrorizing his former side.  The only bummer is that Suarez's retail price has (predictably) skyrocketed.  I'll also be watching Liverpool's kids to see if any of them are likely to a) continue deputizing and b) produce decent points.
  • Birmingham vs. Wolves feels like a defensive struggle (or maybe I'd be better off putting it as "a struggle to generate any offense").  In any event, I'm very likely to scout this one for defenders and keepers.  Hennessey is of particular interest given his price.
  • My final note will be for those who loaded up on Fulham (Schwarzer, Dempsey, Zamora, etc.) for the two-match week this week - I wouldn't drop those players too quickly.  With a trip to the Stadium of Light coming up next, keeping some or all of them isn't the worst idea ever.


  1. Now I'm in LISBON (PORTUGAL), last month I was in RIO (BRAZIL) & many times per year I use to be in LUANDA (ANGOLA). Most of all, most of the time I'm in one of those 3 countries (but in a couple of weeks I should be in Mexico for a week) BUT Wherever I am, (since...2004?) I read your blog every friday (week ahead & Suspensions/injuries) and Saturday (Barn door - which I consider very useful.

    so, Thanks for being 2 great virtual friends & all the best 4 you.

  2. Greginho ... going with your Stearman funny feeling and ditching Walker.

    RVP (sell for Ballo next week? Nahhhhh)/Saurez (I just can't get enough! I just can't get enough!)/Sturridge

    DVRing 'Pool match sooo set up pre-BD pics for when I go in to work tomorrow. AJ and Silva in, Jarvis and Pennant out. Stearman I think I will keep (per N and J's BD idea).

  3. Unless Fulham go crazy in the second game the prices for the aforementioned players isnt going to rise (mind you I had Zamora, Demp and the Schwartz). In fact all their prices dipped. It's probably best to get some Citeh players pre-update in case they score well tomorrow. Of the cheapies Balotelli and Silva should be on everyones roster if their price increases.

  4. Anonymous3:12 AM

    The Liverpool kids haven't even been added to the system yet!