Friday Trading

In my infinite capacity to mess with a good thing, and in clear violation of the fantasy rules, I've made the following trades today:
  • Howard to Carson. I don't trust any of the cheaper keepers, but West Brom is coming off a six-match unbeaten streak. They are on the road against a Sunderland team in dire form and may see this match as their last chance for points for a while with Chelsea and @Spurs next on the schedule.
  • Walker to Heitinga.  I may regret selling Walker as he is such a good attacking fullback.  But he hasn't been bringing in the fantasy points recently and I don't trust the Villa defence to keep it clean against anyone.  Heitinga should play in Everton's midfield against a limited, but dangerous Wolves side.  In the end, this one came down to price.
  • Valencia to Hitzlsperger.  Like the above trade I can argue for the rules here. Hitz was playing well and taking kicks for West Ham before the poor showing against Manchester United.  Valencia has been rumoured to be getting some sort of a rest against Fulham, which is enough to make me nervous.  But in the end, this move also came down to price as I needed the money for...
  • Osman to Fabregas.  Osman has been playing well for me but the siren song of Arsenal @Blackpool, coupled with their double match week next week was enough to lure me over to Fabregas.  Wenger says he will start against the Tangerines, and hopefully he can put on a show on the seaside.
Any last minute trades for you?


  1. The Greek5:59 AM

    First of all , thank you Jeremy for all the help and info that you provide to us all these years.
    My most spectacular change this weekend is:

    Kirkland @1.00 -> Friedel

  2. joey barton to cesc same as howard to carson

  3. Chris O.10:39 AM

    Geez, dumping Howard and Valencia not looking so hot at the moment. You guys ever learn to obey your own rules?

  4. Anonymous12:20 AM

    howard(14) to carson(-2)
    walker(?) to heitinga(7)
    valencia(18) to Hitz(9)
    osman(14) to Fab(?)

    so far, (46) vs (14)

    hoping Fab will get a hatty eh?

  5. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Walker (11) to Heiti (7)
    Osman (14) to Fabs (3.5)

    Total (57) to (17.5)

    In the words of the great international man of mystery Austin Powers:

    "Ouch Baby, very ouch"

  6. Anonymous5:26 PM

    i pity the fool!

  7. Anonymous11:29 AM

    unlucky picks