Barn Door Team

Not that sticking with my Barn Door team last week was very successful -- or successful at all! -- but here's this week's version:

  • Howard. What's the opposite of what you are looking for in a fantasy keeper?  That would be THo this season.  Everton haven't been consisten winners, which hurts your keeper's value.  But even when they win, Howard has a knack for letting in the soft goal.  Or more than one.  He's been in the red (minus points) more weeks than he's earned points.  Of course, that's why he's cheap.  And cheap is very attractive in a keeper.  And he's playing at Wolves, who have lost their leading scorer and just got hammered by Newcastle United.  So hope springs eternal, but I'm really not sure that this is a good pick
  • Valencia and Hernandez.  Am I buying a false view of these players based on West Ham's ineptitude?  I'm probably only owning them for a week as they have an FA Cup semifinal the following week instead of a league match, but they are home to Fulham.  They are also in Champions League action against Chelsea on either side of this match, which could easily become a trap game.  Valencia's barn door price makes him an attractive midfield option, and the other best opition at Hernandez's price range is Sturridge who also misses the following week for an FA Cup semi.
  • Lampard.  See above re: the Champions League.
  • van Persie. Have Arsenal just collapsed?  Is it redeemable?  If so, it's going to be against Blackpool who are increasingly vulnerable.  At 9, returning 7 per week would be acceptable.  At 18 it really isn't.  He's probably staying in the team because the matchup is just too good, but also because I can't quite get to Nani without making other sacrifices.  But I will admit to have looked at what to do with the $10 that RvP to Sturridge would net.  For instance, maybe a real goalkeeper.


  1. Even though they've given up 7 goals in the last 2 games, I would look at Mignolet (SUN) for my keeper. They just finished 3 tough matchups (@Arse, Liv, @Citeh), which lowers his price and they've got a great run ahead: Brom, @Bir, Wigan, Fulham, @Bolton, Wolves, @WHam. Now's a good time to buy a rest of the season keeper for 6.

  2. Utd play newcastle the gameweek of the semi final jeremy..

  3. what about the rooney appeal did they review it?

  4. Anonymous1:12 AM

    trade lampard and osman for hiltzberger and nani

  5. @Mike: Good point, but I'm not sure I trust Sunderland right now. And what about Gordon?

    @Thomas: Thanks! Noted.

    @Greginho: He accepted the charge but has questioned the ban. My guess is they limit it to one match (FUL), but we'll see.

    @Anon: Hmmmm....

  6. i got sturridge at 2 ... didn't realize he was going to be out next week. crapppp.