Arsenal Takeover Pending?

BBC Sport - Football - Stan Kroenke set for Arsenal takeover deal

From the sounds of this article on Arsenal is about to be taken over by Stan Kroenke who also owns some or all of the Denver Nuggets (basketball), Colorado Avalanche (hockey), St. Louis Rams (American Football), and Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer).  The Rapids are the reigning Major League Soccer champions. 

I could make an attempt to give a rundown of Kroenke's history as a team owner but whatever I come up with would never hold a candle to the treatment The Swiss Ramble gave it last year so here's the link to that post

Great information.  The thing that sticks out the most for me?
  • Looks like Wenger is good with it - that's a solid start.
  • He doesn't seem likely to be a bull in a China shop.
  • He isn't likely to finance the acquisition with debt.
  • He does seem capable of bringing his knowledge of globalizing revenue streams to the table which seems like something Arsenal has lagged on compared to United, Chelsea, Barca, and Real and DEFINITELY compared to the major American sports which are much less popular globally in general but pull in a pretty solid amount of revenue.
  • Finally, and most importantly, I like the idea that he might push Arsenal toward an American Tour over a summer in the not too distant future.  I like seeing United, Barca, Milan, et al when they come but I'd much rather spend that time and money on Arsenal than any of those.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend.


  1. i am now that arsenal have stopped tying everybody and the fact arsenal got a fortunate call finally, sorry it cames at blackpools expense, because i don't want to see them relegated.

  2. What happens when an in-field player goes into goal? fantasy wise

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    they lose lots of points i would imagine!

  4. Not sure we've had a case of an infield player going into goal - they wouldn't get a win/loss/draw because they didn't play the complete match, ditto a clean sheet, but I don't know if Yahoo would be flexible enough to give them Saves points or take away Goals Allowed points. My guess is "no" since they also don't give midfielders CS points when they move back to defender.

    Would have been fun to see the sh!tstorm that would have happened had RvP gone into net though.

  5. i thought i remember seeing john terry playing in goal for chelsea once. any blues fans know?

  6. Kellz8:13 PM

    @Neal: Well I sure hope Lehnman is set for the task ahead, I'd be a little worried about his lack of Premier League PT facing the likes of Suarez and Carrol :D

  7. Anonymous9:54 AM

    John Terry played as keeper for only a few minutes in that game.

    I think it was against Reading, where both Cech and Cudicini got injured.