Liverpool-Wolves Fancast

Evidently Wolves are quite welcome in Liverpool.

Anyone watch Liverpool-Wolves yesterday? I haven't had the courage to do it yet but I'm morbidly fascinated. This was Liverpool's full-strength side minus Carragher. What happened? Meireles wasted on the right? Gerrard not 100%? Or is this more about Wolves?


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The God of football wants Hodgson sacked...

    -fan of football

  2. I'm a Liverpool fan. We looked AWFUL. Maybe the weeks off were more dulling than restful, but we just looked awful.

    And, by the way, Wolves looked great. The game was similar to the Stoke game v. 'pool - they outhustled us, beat us to every ball in the air, swarmed us defensively (and never tired!), and just looked like they wanted it more, especially up front. Well done, Wolves. My beloved Reds grant me another punch in the gut.

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    My friends would tell you I can be the most blinkered of liverpool fans when it comes to match post-mortems. But even I would accept that Wolves deserved the points yesterday. I have never been so angry with a Liverpool team performance.

    Hodgson was a joke. He brought Gerrard back into CM and so broke up a good partnership between Lucas and Mereiles. His insistence on playing 442 meant we had Kuyt on left wing and Meireles on the right wing. it was painful to watch. Torres is being criticised for lack of interest - he's definitely out of form but he was given nothing to work with yesterday except for long hoofed balls from our centre backs.

    Depressing. And then we had hodgson's post match comments.

    I'm looking desparately for the silver lining - that can only be a prompt and decisive sacking of hodgson - he needn't worry - he can take his tidy compensation and walk back into one of the mediocre clubs where his ambition and style of football will be better suited.

    Taf Tacklers

  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    .I have seen players pick double digit scores for doing nothing. Torres played for 90 wasn't booked and still scored zip, you'll have to force me at gun point to make me pick Liverpool players

  5. Chris Jones2:32 PM

    Oh...I saw it. Live! At the ground! Liverpool weren't good and Wolves were: simple as that. It's amazing this was the same side that were completely and comprehensivley beaten at home by Wigan.

    Boy...what a season so far!

  6. richard_pitts_20004:06 PM

    I had Torres and Reina. The only upside for Liverpool fans about yesterday is that I'm a Man United fan and they canned my fantasy team. Clutching at straws I guess. I am actually tempted to pick up Elmander for the weekend they were that bad.

  7. Anonymous8:29 PM

    hodgson just dont know how to match up his best player. he should play gerard behind torres.. im pretty sure hes gonna be sack on january

    football fan.

  8. Liverpool was too big for Hodgson. Dat for sure.He failed to motivate his players even with back of our talisman captain steven gerrad in the squad. Meireless just awful on the right wing same as kuyt at left wing. Ngog is fine player but not fit well with Torres..torres is penalty box striker so what he need is someone who can play same style as rooney, anelka or tevez who can play behind the main stiker..we lacked of quality striker to help torres..another thing, we need a natural winger!!!! plzzzz bring someone with high class quality!!

  9. of course it was Rafa that left you with no wingers, and a hugely inflated wage bill for a squad of largely average players. Most fans were on Hodgsons back from the minute he joined, and the rest from the moment he bought Konchesky (he had approx. 5 magic beans to spend, who did you expect at LB?). Too difficult to work in that atmosphere. The fact is that WHOEVER was brought in at Liverpool was doomed. Hodgson is a very good manager, I don't think that should be in question. Tactics were odd, but what is he supposed to do re: wide players? For two seasons Rafa played "hope gerrard and Torres do something and Carragher and Reina keep out the other team" well those 4 players are aging/out of form this season so its no surprise that they are struggling. Its easy to say play Meireles and Lucas in CM but that was pretty crap against Spurs (last full game of Liverpool I have watched) so why not mix it up? As for needing Rooney, Anelka or Torres...don't we all mate?